Farm-to-Wall: Rakish Harvest Hanger

July 15, 2012 by

With a nod to the farm, bring a little fun and whimsy to your walls with this playful object hanger by Hive.

Made in eight colors of powder coated steel, it’s cool way to hang garden tools, keys, hats, coats, in the garden, mud room, or kitchen.

£25 in the UK from StartSpace.
$40 in the US from Room68. 

  • We are so happy to have this item stocked in our gallery. It’s function goes beyond practicality for hanging gardening tools in your garden / potting shed as it can be also used in your hallway for your house and car keys; in the kitchen for your tea towels; in your bedroom for your clothes; and in the sitting room as a sculpture. And at £25 each you could easily afford to have one in each room of your house!

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  • This charming door hanger is not only a beautiful eyecather in your home but also super easy to hang your clothes on.

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