Plant Yourself a ConcreteTable

March 1, 2012 by

I’m enamored with concrete these days. The indoor/outdoor Oxygen table from Parisian company, Taporo, has a center well into which you can insert your favorite plants, or any other home accessory.

How would a row of gorgeous Granny Smith apples look? The table’s made of Ductal, a high-performance concrete that allows for thinner sections and longer spans that are lighter than regular concrete, but still durable and impervious to corrosion, abrasion and impact. And, it’s another example of multi-tasking indoor or outdoor furniture: it’s a table and a planter or a table and a buit-in container.

Also kind of a nice design feature, the central well can be finished in a contrasting color or a specific finish–like crocodile or oxidized–and in this way will appear almost like a table runner. Stay tuned for more cool concrete finds…


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  2. 12 Indoor-Outdoor Concrete Furniture Pieces For Urban Flair Pingback said:

    […] this modular concrete table anywhere you can plant it. Part of a collection incorporating planters of varying sizes and […]

    — December 19, 2013 @ 11:32

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