Thinking Outside the Window Box: Urban Garden System Suspends From Windowsill

March 31, 2012

When space is at a premium, necessity becomes the mother of invention: this hanging urban garden uses the air space outside a window. For urban gardeners and farmers without land, terraces, or balconies, Paris-based design/architecture firm Barreau&Charbonnet reinterprets the hanging Read More...

Multifunctional Rocking Chair Converts to Table

March 29, 2012

“Sometimes a chair is not a chair, it is a multifunctional vehicle,” explains designer Ding Liu of his multifunctional piece, ‘A Beginning,’ a handcrafted pine and redwood rocking chair that converts to a tea table.

Built without any nails or …

Williams-Sonoma Introduces Seed-to-Table Collection

March 28, 2012

It’s no surprise that Williams-Sonoma, one of the country’s foremost retailers of cooking equipment, would now venture outside the kitchen into the garden. With the launch on April 5 of their new seed-to-table concept, Agrarian, the brand will become … Read More...

Leather and Porcelain Hanging Vertical Planter

March 26, 2012

Brooklyn’s Farrah Sit fires up some cool porcelain hanging planters stringing three together using a leather strap with brass detail. Hang them from your wall placing inside your favorite plants or herbs or use it for storage for pencils or … Read More...

Five Easy Steps to Orchid Success

March 24, 2012

Think orchids are delicate and hard to care for? Not true! Like many people, I used to believe this so I steered clear of them. But on a recent visit to Costa Farms, I learned that orchids are the … Read More...

All-in-One Garden Seat, Planter, and Obelisk

March 20, 2012

For a small courtyard garden, patio, rooftop, terrace, or balcony, Moore Designs’s galvanized half-round seating set functions as three things at once.

The seat encloses a hand made semi-circular planter and integral obelisk designed to feature of your plants or … Read More...

Vertical Balcony Friendly Hanging Planter System

March 19, 2012

With their adjustable fold-over straps, creating a hanging green wall is a breeze with these hanging planters from Art Terre.

Just like their Pillow Planters, these are made from the same PVC textile material recycled from the automotive industry. … Read More...

Lighted Planter Plays Music From MP3 Player or Phone

March 18, 2012

Put together your favorite houseplant and music playlist, then with the flip of a switch, accent your space with the multicolored glow of energy-saving LED lights. Green is a luminous, sound-emitting planter with a removable inner vessel for drainage.

There …

13 Budget-Friendly Cool Green Outdoor Accessories

March 17, 2012

What better day than St. Paddy’s Day to roll out some cool green outdoor furniture and accessories that won’t cost you a lot of green? Here are 13 fun things to usher in spring–12 and one extra for good measure:… Read More...

Expandable Planter Grows With Your Plants

March 15, 2012

Designer Ding Liu stretched his imagination to devise this flexible planter or vase that unfolds instantly from flat to a maximum of 12″ to accomodate your growing plant. And it’s lightweight–at .35 pounds it’s great for those who like to … Read More...

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