Scrap Ecology: Botanical Sculpture

December 23, 2011 by

Experimenting in his Brooklyn Gowanus neighborhood, designer/artisan Daniel Goers has created Scrap Ecology, a collection of design objects and sculptures created from wood scraps and other found materials, each containing a living component rendering them simultaneously as art, furniture, and ecological habitats.

I particularly love the variegated textures and colors of the vertical gardens made from old wood and the hanging combo lights and vases created from repurposed glass containers.

Goers’s projects, according to the eco-crafter, aim to “rearrange the raw materials of our urban and natural environments into objects with new meaning and purpose.”

Scrap Ecology materials include abandoned shipping pallets from Red Hook, wood cutoffs from carpentry projects, recycled product packaging, discarded architectural samples, and foraged specimens from Prospect Park and the mountains of Harriman State Park.


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