Create an Interior Vertical Garden With Moss Tiles

October 12, 2011 by

This indoor garden doesn’t require natural light, in fact it doesn’t like direct sunlight, doesn’t need watering, fertilizing, or pruning, and is ready to install on any surface. MossTile, from Benetti Stone, is a maintenance-free vertical garden.

Adhered to a sustainable and fireproof resin backing, the 11.7 inch (28.8 cm) square tiles are made of natural preserved lichen moss which remains stable over time. Apart from an occasional misting, the tiles thrive in an environment with a minimum of 50% humidity.

With MossTile modular squares, one can cover a wall’s entire solid surface or create a pattern, alone or in conjunction with other materials.

Configure to your heart’s desire: circles, geometric patterns, negative space…mix one or more of the 12 available colors to create a moss painting or your own textured wallpaper.

The design possibilities are infinite. For more inspiration, check out the bird moss wall mural Urban Gardens co-created for the Creative Garden Retreat.

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