Solar Barbecue

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From France, the stainless steel Solar iD Cook barbecue uses a parabolic shaped solar mirror to concentrate sunlight on the cooking area, where food can be grilled, simmered, or steamed.

They’re Transportable
Although the products need full sun to operate properly, according to the company, just 40 minutes of sun per hour may be sufficient for solar cooking. Then there’s the convenience factor: the iD Cook is lightweight and easy to carry–the shaped cooking element sits on a wood structure and can be set up without any screws in less than 10 minutes.

Free, Green, Non-Polluting Energy
There’s no smoke or no CO2 and you’re using the sun, a renewable and clean energy source that’s available everywhere for free. Nota bene: Cooks need to wear sunglasses when using the solar barbecue and use black-colored utensils and cookware.

Plans for the Planet
The idea for iD Cook came to the designer, Xavier Flavard, after spending a few years in Africa, where he noticed problems caused by wood fire cooking, in particular, deforestation (today, 2 billion people use wood fires to cook.) The company now aims to develop solar cooking in Africa on a large scale.

The iD Cook brand is part of the Sunited group which works through a research and development program directed towards concentrated solar power (CSP) to bring innovations that benefit and work in harmony with their geographical and human environment. “The company strives to find ways to harness the sun’s resources to the maximum in an effort to preserve our planet, as part of a broader vision of sustainable development.”

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