Inflatable Office Space for Public Parks and Gardens

June 4, 2011 by

I noticed when I was last in Paris that most, if not all, public parks and urban gardens in that city offer free wifi. Kyle Daevel’s inflatable PVC Nomadic Knowledge Worker Environment and Chair, according the the Chicago designer,”questions the dematerialization of the office environment and public/private space.”

“In recent years, contemporary workers have moved from office to cubicle to home to the car and now to the corner coffeehouse or park that offers wi-fi.” says Daevel. “This dematerialization of the office has caused knowledge workers to hunt for the services that would typically be provided in the office environment, like access to the internet.”

So with the Nomadic Environment, could I skip the high cost of a hotel or apartment and just set up camp in one of the City of Light’s gorgeous parks?

You may see me blogging from Paris soon…

Sizes: Environment 10’ x 8’ x 8’, Chair 33” x 40” x 32”


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