Eco-Chic Pet Houses Offer Creature Comforts

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Matthew Coates designed this green roof dog house from reclaimed materials. Via Kitsap Sun.

I’ve stumbled across some purr-fect eco-chic cat and dog houses that will make tails wag and…well, you get it. And let’s not forget the birds and chickens, they need places to nest and roost in style.

Admit it, the CocoRico chicken coop by Maxime Evrard, above, is pretty darn cool. Might not be as easy or practical for chicken keeping as some of the more common designs, but the girls will certainly look stylish roosting in there. I didn’t know that chickens could climb ladders: learn something new every day.

The wood Breed Retreat, by Frederik Roije, has enough style to make you want to move right in with your hens.

Also from Roije, the porcelain Holy Homes for the birds, above, offer some modernist digs for feathered friends.

Recycled, Reclaimed, and Upcycled Shelters

Made from reclaimed wine barrels, the Barrel Dog House‘s smooth curved cedar roof slopes from the center to the sides of the house, where it transforms seamlessly into the walls as well as the floor. The front of the dog house offers a medium sized porch overhang using a seamless extension of the roof, which will keep the dog dry as a…bone.

The dog house, above, may not be terribly stylish, but it is made of reclaimed pallets, HDPE milk bottles with a twisted roof geometry. Via Confluence.

Earthquake Proof Doghouse?

Pre-dating the recent earthquake in Japan, created in 2006, this soccer ball-shaped house with 32 faces is resistant to earthquakes, according to the Kimidori Housing, manufacturers of earthquake-resistant housing. Photo: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Green Roofs and Tree Houses for Pets and Other Critters
Since we wrote last year about green roof chicken coops, bird and dog houses, some new designs have blossomed.

Demo dog houses with green roofs at Mother Plants. Photo: Remarc.

Modern Cabana’s $500 dog house comes with ready to plant living roof.


For indoors or out, Pousse Creative’s Kokon, above, serves as either a kennel for a small dog or a stylish hideaway for your cat’s litter box. It comes with a small pillow to cushion Fido. If using as a kitty litter box, just fill the plastic tub with your favorite litter gravel, then with easy access through the kennel’s back door, you can easily change and clean the tub. The integrated flower pot on top allows you to create a green roof where you can cultivate ornamentals or grow edibles.

The Sequoia Tree House, crafted of wood, cedar, plush carpeting and synthetic silk leaves, features removable carpet for ease of care. This one is really meant for indoor use only as it’s made from real trees which, claims the manufacturer, are susceptible to humidity. It comes fully assembled with small pegs in the Tree indicating where to insert the silk foilage. $699 at USADogShop.

A similar, smaller scale version of the Sequoia, the $99 Cat Flat hangs on the wall:

Multi-Functioning Designs
We love multi-purpose pieces as they are perfect for small spaces. Also from Pousse Creative, an over-the-balcony railing planter that also functions as a bird house. Love it.

Korean designer Kim Hyunjoo‘s Happily Ever chair and dog house combination, below, encourages a sort of intimacy offering pet owners seating while their dogs can rest comfortably inside.


Made from reclaimed lumber, the end table, below, doubles as a dog house. From 2100 Built.


And Just Because They Are Cool…

The Pup Tent by Slade Architecture.

Ok, it’s not particularly eco-friendly, but the four-foot tall Martini Cat Condo, below, was hard to resist. Cheers!

Martini Cat Condo, $499 from Hollywood Kitty Company.

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