Composter Doubles As Garden Chair

January 31, 2011

If you don’t mind that with this combination garden chair and composter you are sitting on a pile of possibly odorous fermenting waste, then you might like the idea that the decomposing material underneath could keep the seat warm while … Read More...

Winter Gardening: Thinking Outside of the Cold Frame

January 30, 2011

Winterberries offer bold color in winter.

“Winter is a fascinating season, a time to closely watch changes in plants. It is when I have seen miracles and been confounded by mysteries. Everything has a story to tell and secrets to Read More...

Apples and Dogs and Chairs Oh! Snow!

January 27, 2011

Snow didn’t keep vendors or me away from the Union Square Green Market yesterday in New York City.

Although he complained of freezing, the apple vendor didn’t seem to mind that his fruit was covered with snow…I know it’s not … Read More...

Out of the Woods, Into the Home

January 22, 2011

Pascale De Backer‘s wood table brings the feeling of and scent of the forest into the city. De Backer uses reclaimed wood from fallen logs for the table’s legs to support a top composed of a photographic image of … Read More...

New Mobile News App Features Urban Gardens!

January 21, 2011

Selecting from Urban Gardens posts on an iPhone

Urban Gardens is honored to be a featured source today on Pulse, a news reading application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As featured in CNN, NYTimes & Fortune Magazine, Pulse … Read More...

Reclaimed Walnut Table Grows Plants

Here’s when the thing that falls between the cracks is a good thing. As part of her application to grad school in architecture, Brooklyn designer, Emily Wettstein, dreamed up these gorgeous tables then crafted them from reclaimed walnut and Read More...

Carving Out a Comfortable Spot in the Garden

January 20, 2011

Call it furniture, or perhaps a piece of sustainable garden sculpture.  Jake Phipps carves solid cedar tree trunks into sensual curved twin loveseats that are at home indoors or out.

Sort of like the old-fashioned courting or kissing bench, the … Read More...

Colorful Rubber Outdoor Area Rugs

January 19, 2011

Roll out the rubber carpet. Joel Escalona, whom we posted about yesterday, also does these vibrantly colored and patterned rubber rugs that beg to be put outside. Gosh, I love this guy’s stuff.

They are available in 4.5 ft …

Sensual Outdoor Woven Sun Bed Turns Up the Heat

The sensual curves alone of Joel Escalona’s SoSo outdoor chaise or sun bed is enough to get your blood flowing.

Constructed of earth-friendly recycled woven fibers and metal, even if you never lie in it, just having the gorgeous shape … Read More...

Folding Portable Greenhouse for Small Urban Spaces

January 17, 2011

Perfect for small urban spaces like terraces, patios, rooftops, and balconies, designer Daniel Schipper’s folding greenhouse is light-weight, flexible, and modular.

Made of recycled plastics
The design also puts the green in greenhouse as it’s crafted entirely from recycled plastics.… Read More...

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