Flowerpot or Light?

December 19, 2010 by

It’s a grow-it-yourself plant kit that really isn’t. Schattengewächs, German Designer Maximilian Winkel’s light fixture, projects shadows of flowers, trees and even insects on to your wall. Don’t think of it as artificial flowers and plants, but rather as real light inspired by nature herself.

And hey, it’s not just green in color, it’s pretty eco-friendly–there’s no power switch. It automatically “grows” facilitated by a photo sensor that operates on four coin cell batteries (ok, the batteries are not so eco-friendly, maybe it could have been designed with using solar energy?) I like the idea of using it on a patio to offer “botanical light” after dark–maybe line them up against a wall so you have some evening blooms.

The designer is making an effort in the right direction as the pot is made of clay and the components molded from a bioplastic material that will biodegrade– they’re made from a renewable source, such as vegetable oil, corn, or pea starch rather than a fossil-fuel which is derived from petroleum. What do you think, does this idea have room to grow?

via Yanko

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