Vertical Vegetable Garden Rises in Style

June 25, 2010 by

Vertical gardening is on the rise. French designer, Germain Bourré, has created a stunning green wall solution with his Etagères Potagères, a vegetable garden system composed of stacking coated steel shelving modules that offers great placement and design flexibility for small urban gardens.

Behind the modules, a bed of soil common to all the shelves, allows the plants to develop a large root system and water flows from top to bottom.

The sky’s the limit for these fully waterproof meter-wide (about 3 feet) modules as they can connect to any height, outdoors or indoors.

Vertical gardens are popular with apartment dwellers who have limited space as they don’t take up much floor area and can easily be moved, of special interest to renters.

Bourré exhibited in January at Jardins Jardin, the annual Paris event showcasing innovative and contemporary talent in the urban garden and exterior design sphere.

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