Easy Thinking Beyond the Garden Frame

April 15, 2010 by

FIGO is a great new flexible garden frame connector whose use extends beyond plant frames: it’s great for constructing makeshift tents, sculptures, windbreaks, pet enclosures, geodesic domes – use your imagination!

FIGO allows you the freedom to build your own garden frames to whatever size or shape you need, protect your plants from garden pests (or even children!), provide support for climbing plants, and is also perfect for raised bed systems.

Here’s the how-to:  1) use FIGO along with bamboo canes or other tubes and rods 8 to 16mm in diameter. 2) Insert your own bamboo canes into the corner connectors. 3) Build your frame to the height you need 4) toss some netting over the whole thing to keep those pests out.

Apart from their clever design, for urban gardens and small spaces, I like that the connectors are easy to use, can be reused, are multi-functional–and they come in a compost-friendly cardboard box, so nothing goes to waste.

Let your imagination take over and see what structures you can build in your garden. Your kids will love them too, as they’re great for building tunnels, wigwams, dens and tents!

At this time, FIGO is looking for US distributors and is shipping only from the UK. For orders outside the UK, they are accepting email enquiries@figoframes.com and are happy to help.

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