Romancing the Dirt

February 11, 2010 by

Here’s an idea that’s really down to earth. My good friend, interior designer Victoria Lyon, told me about Luvmud, by super-interesting!–a heart-shaped gift item that doubles as an educational tool, communication strategy, and community builder. Luvmud is made from soil, worm castings, cow manure, clay, and coconut coir, embedded with herb or vegetable seeds for germination, and decorated with a message written in baker’s icing.

The artists maintain that too many people have yet to feel a personal connection to the issues of sustainability, and subsequently are less likely to adopt behavioral changes contributing to positive environmental and/or social impacts. They hope that Luvmud will “joyously start the much needed conversations about consumption habits, growing food, and waste.” Dig it.

We know all things grow with love.

Masanobu Fukuoka, pioneer of the “natural farming” method and author of The One-Straw Revolution, among other books, has greatly inspired Luvmud. Fukuoka developed the “Tsuchi Dango” or Earth Dumpling – a seed ball composed of seeds, clay, compost, and sometimes manure. This method allowed for fewer seeds to be used, producing stronger plants and a higher crop yield. Guerrilla gardeners adopted Fukuoka’s Earth Dumpling recipe to create “seed bombs” for greening barren, abandoned urban spaces. Luvmud extends Fukuoka’s idea by leveraging the joy of person to person giving, adding humor, and connecting environmental awareness with social and economic responsibility on an individual level.

There’s a Free Luvmud Give-Away on Valentine’s weekend!
Stop by, say hi, get Luvmud! Limited supply. First come, first serve. Friday Feb 12, Saturday, Feb 13, Sunday, Feb 14. Spring design+ art. 156a Front Street, Brooklyn (DUMBO)


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