Vision for Edible City Gaining Ground

February 3, 2010 by


The soon to be released film, Edible City, tells the story of real people making real change right in their urban backyards. The film aims to provoke critical thought, further the dialogue surrounding food and our food system, and ultimately inspire audiences to action.

Hidden between buildings and across networks of backyards, germinating in classrooms and sprouting up in city centers, as the film’s website explains, a grassroots movement is thriving in the Bay Area. Due to the industrialization of agriculture, food is cheap and widely available in developed countries, but the social and environmental costs are dire. The system’s dependence on fossil fuels and chemicals has proven disastrous for our health and our environment. In the United States, healthy and affordable food is the exception instead of the norm. Edible City tells the stories of people responding to the global food crisis in their communities and in their own backyards, folks who are digging their hands into the dirt, fighting for sustainability and social justice by doing something truly revolutionary: growing a local food system. Aimed to inspire change, the film shows us what we can do to create local, sustainable, and just food systems across the country and around the world.

To learn more, or to participate in the grassroots network of donors, visit

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