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January 7, 2010 by


A bit like the Legos or TinkerToys of our childhood, Barcelona designer, Dani Miras, has created a modular garden chaise/table/chair thingamajig that offers infinite possibilities for configuring to fit your particular urban garden space.


Try it as a chaise with two adjoining side tables, one for your drinks, the other for your Kindle and laptop. Or assemble it as a low table for a backyard buffet.


Place low cushions by each of the personal tables and you have an outdoor office for 4. Gosh, I’m feeling creative.


Here you have a variation on the Victorian courting or conversation chair. You can arrange it so you and your partner are facing each other, albeit at a bit of a distance, which was of course what Queen Victoria had in mind. Setting the backs at one end creates a bench for two.


At the end of the day or season, just stack ’em all up neatly for storage.

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  1. Shane said:

    How cool are those? They have such an urban, modern feel to them.

    — January 7, 2010 @ 22:52

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