It’s Raining, It’s Storing

November 16, 2009 by


This fat boy isn’t snoring, he’s storing rainwater from your roof while also functioning as a wall.

Rainwater is a valuable resource and it is falling on your roof for free. With Waterfall Fatboy,  you can capture and store a significant amount of rainwater for use in your garden or home without losing valuable space.


Despite the name, the Waterwall Fatboy tank has an excellent size-to-capacity ratio, holding 650 gallons while being just over two feet wide.

Waterwall tanks are made to exacting standards- the UV stabilized high density polyethylene ensures light does not enter the tank, preventing algae from growing in your tank water. Solid, thick walls keep the tank strong and prevent bulging over the many years of service. See more pointers here on what to consider when choosing a rain water tank.

Even in these dry times, an average size house can collect a considerable amount of water.


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