Eternally Green: From Ashes to Ashes, Dust to…Trees

October 25, 2009 by

The Ecopod en route to the ever after.

I wrote a while back about the ecological funeral trend in my post Going Green: A Sustainable Product to Die Forwherein I showcased a few green burial options, including an undersea cemetery. I have since stumbled upon a few more products in the green realm of from death do us art:


The Spiritree is a biodegradable seed-like cinerary urn that transforms into a living memorial in the form of a tree. The tree seedling feeds itself from the decomposing biodegradable bottom shell of the urn and the calcium-rich cremated remains. As the tree grows, the urn’s ceramic cover is broken, allowing the organic bottom which is composed of clay, sawdust, and peat moss, to degrade after long-term exposure to the elements.

The Ecopod, available in a selection of colors.

For its superb aesthetics alone, I nominate the Ecopod for a deathtime achievement design award.  Made by hand in England from recycled newspapers and finished with paper made from recycled silk and mulberry leaves, the Ecopod is available in a range of colors with screen printed motifs, in plain white, or even gold. The Ecopod is suitable for cremation, or burial in woodland sites or traditional cemeteries. It biodegrades naturally over time when placed in the ground, and the strap and handle system make it especially easy to carry.


The specially designed lid, base, and stalk of Ecopod’s other product, the Acorn Urn, are manufactured from lightweight, fully biodegradable, moulded recycled paper.


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