Is your city participating in the National Community Gardening Week August 23-29?

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Community and urban gardens are an important component of making sustainable communities. The National Community Gardening Week is an opportunity for your local government to show support by publicly promoting community gardens August 23 – 29.

According to the Department of Agriculture website, US Agriculture Secretary Vilsack declared August 23 – 29 National Community Gardening Week. “Community gardens provide numerous benefits including opportunities for local food production, resource conservation, and neighborhood beautification,” said Vilsack. “But they also promote family and community interaction and enhance opportunities to eat healthy, nutritious foods. Each of these benefits is something we can and should strive for.”


Your city can benefit from the ‘The People’s Garden,’ a USDA demonstration plot designed to teach how to develop and maintain healthy landscapes that demonstrates and educates environmentally responsible practices. USDA plans to reduce stormwater runoff with rain gardens and green roofs, reducing its impervious surfaces and enhancing the USDA’s Farmers Market.


The People’s Garden demonstrates how to provide healthy food, air and water for people and communities as well as food and shelter for wildlife. These practices improve soil health and water quality. Information about The People’s Garden initiative is available at or follow ‘The People’s Garden’ at

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    Community gardens are so great. I just like your pics.

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    Love the graphic. Go Matt Arnn!

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  3. Tony said:

    Very informative information, this will help me in my gardening. Thanks loads, greatly appreciated. Just love gardening.

    — August 28, 2009 @ 05:48

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    Nice post. Anime rules! Cant get enough japanese anime here in the UK.

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