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Jungle Design, Brooklyn’s garden

Wherever I go, I am on the lookout for cool garden and home decor shops. I’d like to share some new favorites with you:

Jungle Design
61 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

This wonderful Brooklyn shop, is the retail post of landscape designer Amanda Mitchell’s commercial and residential garden design business. The shop’s garden is also available for events.

The zinc plated and powder coated sheet metal modular trellis system (above) could be used to dress up a boring wall, to grow edibles on, or maybe rigged up to a freestanding support to be used as a screen?

The Brooklyn shop carries one of my favorite lines of outdoor furniture: SixInch Furniture, an innovative Belgian company known for its unique multi-layered foam coating of traditional furniture silhouettes made from foam. The Trinity modular set above, is foam covered in a colored rubber. These babies will withstand the elements.

Great for urban rooftops and terraces, these gorgeous pots have the patina of a fine weathered metal, but they are really lightweight fiberglass masquerading as bronze and terra cotta at a fraction of the cost.

103 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, New York
In addition to having one of the most beautiful e-commerce websites, this shop, which caters to the urban gardener, offers a fantastic selection of products with a keen eye for great design.

I’m buying one today: this recycled rubber garden trug is a good deal at $18 and besides being durable, looks pretty darn good.

914 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA
It”s a bit off the beaten track, but you can shop on this gorgeous website. If you happen to fancy a road trip, they have a lovely garden café and offer some cool events like a Wall Mounting Workshop and a Bluegrass Night of food, drink, and music in the garden.
Here are some of my favorite items:

This vertical garden picture frame is a winner: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this Terrain exclusive, rust-resistant framed steel and aluminum wall planter is cleverly designed with tilted plant compartments, a hinged cover for watering, and a slide out catch basin making it easy to maintain. The vertical garden hangs from six embossed holes which keeps the garden’s back panel from direct contact with the wall. It’s 23″h, 28″w–you could mount a few together.

This 8.9″ diameter French wire cage is intended for holding a ball of twine, and although it works great for that, I could see placing small plants or votives inside and suspending a group of them at different lengths from your porch or terrace ceiling. They give you the twine with it too.

For a protected outdoor area or an indoor garden space, I love the blend of hard-edged industrial and soft flower-like petals of this handcrafted American zinc pendant lamp.

Yes, I’m into light metal today. In keeping with this theme, I propose this galvanized tim hurricane that just gets better left out in the elements. If you make it to our garden shed installation at the upcoming designer show house, you will see lots of these sorts of wares–we are loving the rawness of these materials.

The folks at Terrain troll around the world picking up cool vintage pieces that you can make yours. Bring some farmhouse to your house with these worn painted white wood and a heavy metal framed chairs that conveniently fold up for storage.

Inspired by the texture and knots of an old door on the wall of a country cottage in a small Italian town, these wood grained mugs are perfect for a cup of tea while getting inspiration online for your urban garden.

Know of some great garden shops? Please share them with us!

  • Wow…..its lookingt so amazing…materials used are fabolous….

  • Soma Sengupta

    Jungle Design is really good. Thanks for the pictures. Inspiring!

  • ã??ã??This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

  • Very cool stuff!

  • Thank goodness for good design. I appreciate the clarity, efficiency and inspiration that only good design can give: there is beauty in everything — with an editor, and if well framed. Thank you, thank you.

  • Hi!

    We have a great “green” product for urban gardening and really any place that has a railing up to 4″ wide. It is very stylish and hip and functional,and I would like to submit a photo and a story about how it came to be!

    Thank you,

    Green Dzigns

  • Check out Green Dzigns Greenbo Railing Planter for urban gardens! It is cool, hip and very functional, and also made of partially recycled plastic. Great for indoors and out.

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Thanks Liz–we’ve written about railing planters:

  • Thank goodness for good design.

  • lucy schwartz

    very cool stuff. I get so inspired to do something like them. I am an art commissioner and am always looking to share creativity to our community. Thanks bunches, Lucy Schwartz County Arts Commissioner Washington State

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  • Christopher Mertz

    BE WARNED! First let me say I didn’t want to write this review, but they left me no choice. However I feel responsible to let people know who they are dealing with. And these people are not who they seem to be. DON’T BE TAKEN IN BY THEIR CHARM AND THE GREAT LOOKS OF THEIR STORE! THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
    I spent thousands of dollars for them to design and install potted plants for my rooftop terrace. From the very beginning I said numerous times that the the area was very windy and they needed to give me plants and pots that could withstand the wind. I said it so many times it was actually funny. They assured me that they knew what they were doing. They said they had a lot of experience with windy rooftops. Ok, I trusted them. And at the time of the installation, I asked the owner, Amanda Mitchell for a guarantee that if the plants and/or pots were damaged due to the wind they would replace it. In front of 3 other employees she said that they would. To me that was a verbal contract.
    Among the many pots and plants I bought, (and by the way, they all looked great) they gave me two tall (6ft.) Juniper bushes in pedestal pots. Sure enough one of the pots fell over in the wind and broke. I asked for them to replace it. They said they’d give me a discount on another pot. I was angry, but didn’t want to cause a problem and the plant was undamaged, so I agreed.
    When one of her employees came to repot the plant in the new pot, he told me that pedestal pots by design are not good in the wind especially with a tall plant. I asked if we should cut down the plant, but he said not to do that for the health of the plant. Even their employee, who had a degree in landscape design knew they had made a mistake.
    Sometime during the winter, both plants and pots were blown over. The pots shattered and the plants died. I asked Amanda, the owner to replace them and they refused. They finally relented and offered 2 ugly pots that didn’t fit the design they had created for my space. And refused to replace the plants. I said that was not acceptable. In essence, she said take it or leave it. I am now out approximately $900 bucks!
    And they acted like I had done something wrong.
    Never mind that they are extremely over priced, never mind that they were hours late for every appointment. I could overlook all that. What you should all know before you decide to hire them, is that they either don’t really know what they are doing or they don’t care what they are doing. They made a huge mistake. They claimed no responsibility. And, I repeat they are not to be trusted. A verbal agreement is still an agreement. GET EVERY THING IN WRITING WITH THESE PEOPLE! I MIGHT ALSO SUGGEST YOU TRY SPROUT HOME in the area. In my experience with them they actually know what they are doing.

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