Rotating Indoor Hydroponic Garden Perfect For Small Space Living

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The OGarden is ready to transform the way we think of indoor gardening—one revolution at a time.

This easily assembled rotating hydroponic gardening system provides an opportunity to independently and conveniently grow one’s own fresh produce without pesticides–even in small living spaces.


With one lamp as its central light source, OGarden slowly rotates the plants to provide sufficient light, turning on and off to simulate a natural cycle. Roots grow in a coconut fiber substrate and, to ensure proper growth, once per week automatically receive small amounts of organic nutrients made from vermicompost. Thirty days after planting, the veggies are ready to make the short journey from garden to your plate.



Small Footprint, Big Yield.  
OGarden goes anywhere you can place a small desk, whether an office or city apartment. While measuring only about a half a cubic meter (about 17.5 cubic feet), the garden can produce up to 100 plants–a feat that would normally require much greater floor surface and multiple light sources. If rotated continuously, it’s possible to harvest two to three vegetables every day.


Autonomous Production Model
OGarden is the brainchild of a multidisciplinary group from Québec, France, and Belgium, part of Québec-based non-profit, Consciousness and Fulfillment Network Foundation (Fondation du Réseau de Conscience et Réalisation-FRCR), whose mission is “to develop different humanitarian projects in fields that are fundamental and presently problematic for humanity.”

Its creators conceived OGarden in response to this question: “How can we really help those who would like to produce their own ecological food, to become more independent, especially those who live in the city and don’t have a lot of space?”


Although its manufacturing and transportation to your door consumes energy, using OGarden still reduces your carbon footprint. The traditional chain of food transport from farm, to point of sale to your home takes a lot of resources. (The average carrot travels about 1000 miles from farm to market.)


What You Can Grow
OGarden is an herb and vegetable garden–think basil, mustard, parsley, mint, chives, sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon…lettuces of all kinds as well as kale, spinach, arugula, swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, dwarf peas and fennel, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, and strawberries.


OGarden’s successful Kickstarter campaign raised €80,808, greatly exceeding its €24,000 goal. The kits will be available for shipment worldwide beginning March/April 2017. The special product launch promotion, available on the OGarden website, contains 6 months worth of seeds, nutrients, and growing medium. 

Note: Due to USDA restrictions on the importing of seeds, OGarden will ship from Canada to the United States, but seeds will be shipped from a US supplier.

All photos courtesy of OGarden.

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