Green Thumbs Up For the Gardyn Hydroponic Indoor Garden 

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The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden.

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The Gardyn 4.0 hydroponic indoor garden is an AI-enabled hydroponic system capable of cultivating 30 full-size plants in just two square feet. Its smart functions make food-growing neophytes look like expert indoor farmers in as little as six weeks. At the same time, its elegant tower design stands out as a piece of stylish home decor.

Even with a small footprint, the Gardyn 4.0 hydroponic indoor garden turns a tiny corner into a flourishing food garden that produces bountiful harvests of fresh, homegrown vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers ready to pick on demand.

The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden.

How Does a Gardyn Grow?
Gardyns plug-and-play automated system removes the guesswork from growing greens, herbs, fruits, and colorful flowers. A pump in the base recirculates nutrient-rich water from a six-gallon reservoir through tubes that irrigate growing pods called yCubes.

The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden water reservoir.

Gardyns three columns hold 30 pods at a time for a continuously rotating series of harvests. A timer set through the Gardyn app automates LED lights that simulate sunlight for 12 to 16 hours daily for optimal growth.

The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden.

The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden.

Meet Kelby, Gardyns Personal AI Gardyning Assistant
Gardyns personal AI garden assistant, Kelby, constantly analyzes and adjusts settings to optimize healthy growth. Gardyners receive notifications via the app about which plants may need trimming or pruning and when its time to harvest. Integrated cameras provide live viewing and time-lapse videos, allowing Gardyners to keep tabs on their crops from afar.

The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden smart AI-assistant.

What is the Gardyn Made Of?
Gardyns components, including the water tank, yPods, yCubes, and columns, are food-grade, FDA-compliant ABS plastic. The water tanks lid is made of bamboo wood.

Gardyns yCubes contain Rockwool, a renewable form of mineral wool. This sterile and non-degradable medium is widely used for germinating seedlings as it provides excellent aeration and water retention.

What Comes With the Gardyn System?
The Gardyn Home Starter Kit includes an assortment of 30 seed-filled yCubes plus plant food. You can choose from three pre-pack options: Culinary, Herbalist, or Decor (flowers). The app offers additional pods, or you can use your seeds by purchasing seedless yCubes.

The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden.
Does Gardyn Require a Membership?
Membership is optional, but it offers numerous perks. The one-year and two-year memberships include ten monthly credits for use on plants, plant food, microgreens, and microgreen accessories. Membership also provides extra benefits and expanded controls through the Gardyn app, such as AI-enabled messages with Gardyning tips, access to Plant Expert Support, time-lapse and timeline photos, and member-exclusive plants.vWhen they need a break, members can set the system to Vacation Mode, which puts it on a lighting and watering schedule to slow the plants’ growth for up to two weeks.

The Gardyn 3.0 indoor hydroponic garden.

Although non-members have more limited functionality options, with or without the app, they can still connect the Gardyn to the app to adjust its automatic lighting and watering schedules and read temperature, humidity, and water levels. They may also purchase yCubes through the app.

Minimal Tasks, Minimal Maintenance
Although Kelby handles nearly everything automatically, Gardyners pitch in to perform simple tasks such as sprouting seeds and thinning plants before placing the seedling pods into their slots. In addition, the plants need feeding with specialized plant food watering once a week. Gardyn also recommends cleaning the tank once a month.

The Gardyn 4.0 hydroponic indoor garden makes experts out of newbies in as little as six weeks, providing fresh year-round, plant-to-plate harvests with minimal effort.

All photos via Gardyn.

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