Urban Gardens Most Epic Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

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Urban Gardens Holiday Gift Guide

For whatever and whomever you celebrate, indoors or out, here’s my biggest and greatest ever holiday gift guide packed with handpicked stylish, functional, and just plain fun home and garden gifts.



Walnut Garden Scissors
Shear style with these comfortable stainless steel ambidextrous handles inlaid with walnut.
Walnut and stainless steel garden scissors gardening gift


Whimsical planter trellises to support plants in pots.

Whimsical Planter Trellises
Not your ordinary plant trellis! These will give your indoor and outdoor plants some extra support when they need something whimsical and stylish to lean on. Two sizes, three styles.
Whimsical planter trellises to support plants.



Succulents Monthly Subscription Box
Each month, a unique succulent selection arrives directly from the greenhouses of family-owned, fourth-generation growers, along with easy-to-follow plant care and assembly instructions. Includes an id tag, goodie kit, soil, decorative pot, and curious facts about and fun descriptions of the succulent variety.
$48.33 per box for 3 months
Succulent plants monthly subscription delivery box holiday gift
$46.67 per box for 6 months
Succulent plants monthly subscription delivery box holiday gift


Japanese Heirloom Seeds Collection

Japanese Heirloom Seeds Collection
A very special collection of seven dento yasai traditional vegetable seed packets from Japan’s Kansai region is historically used in shojin ryori, the vegetarian cooking style practiced by Buddhist priests.
$42.00 $37.80
Japanese Heirloom Seed Collection

Gardenuity desktop gardening kit and plants
Gardenuity Desktop Garden
Shortage of space is no problem with this kit which brings fresh greenery to the desktop. Guaranteed to bloom, producing flowers within four to six weeks on average. Includes ceramic white planter and tray, customized foundation, a paintbrush for dusting plants, plant nutrients, and a pair of mini tropical plants that grow beautifully together.
Gardenuity Desktop Planter and Plant Kit


Flower Vase Bookends
Bringing some bloom to the room with this coolest set of two Boho, rustic terracotta bookends that double as vases.
terracotta vase bookends set of two


Planter Pot Bookends
These clever planter pot bookends hold both the books and the botanicals. (Tip: don’t water the plants right next to the books!)
$19.99 at Barnes and Noble

$25.00 at Amazon

Gardyn indoor smart vertical vegetable garden
Gardyn Small Footprint Home Garden System

With the Gardyn indoor garden, you can harvest a big salad, herbs, and fruit every day for a family of 4-6 without pesticides. The system produces the highest plant density ever made possible using its patented plug-and-play Hybriponics® vertical growing technology to grow the most produce in the smallest footprint–that’s 30 large plants in 2 sq. ft. (vs. four+ ft. for other systems.) Gardyn’s smart app automates the water and lights for optimal growth and even offers step-by-step guidance all along the way. With the membership option, you get 10 free growing cubes per month with shipping included.
Gardyn smart indoor kithen farm system


Fraser fur-scented gift wrapping paper

Fraser Fur-Scented Gift Wrap
Wrap your presents in this unusual scented gift wrapping paper, whose just-cut-from-the-forest fragrance will fill the room with a wonderful holiday scent.
$36 for 30 ft. roll
Fraser fur scented gift warpping paper



My Garden Plant Club Subscription Box

Direct from the greenhouses of family-owned, fourth-generation growers, a featured live plant is delivered to the door each month along with the complete ‘Plant Story.’ Each monthly membership box comes with an id tag, goodie kit, soil, and decorative container. Plant story, plant care information, and fun plant facts
$48.33 per box for 3 months
Succulent plants monthly subscription delivery box holiday gift
$46.67 per box for 6 months
Succulent plants monthly subscription delivery box holiday gift


Airplants Monthly Subscription Box
Every month you’ll get a minimum of four fresh, handpicked, moderately sized, and kid-friendly air plants that will include a variety of clumps, blooming plants, single larger plants, and rare/uncommon plants. Bonus: Some months will include accessories as well, such as holders, fertilizer, & wire.
$22.99 per box for 3 months
$20.99 per box for 6 months


pewter antique bronze botanical napkin rings

Italian Herb Hand-Cast Pewter and Bronze Napkin Rings (Set of Four)
If you’re entertaining at home, do it in style. Made from real botanicals, New York City artist Michael Michaud hand-casts these four pieces in pewter with an antiqued bronze finish.
$108.00 (set of four)
Botanical antique bronze pewter napkin rings set of four


LEGO orchid building kit for adults

LEGO Orchid Plant Decor Building Set for Adults
Grownups can unleash their inner child with this plant lover’s realistic orchid kit. Part of the LEGO Botanical Collection, it thrives on neglect and lasts forever.
$49.99 $39.99
LEGO botanical collection orchid building set for adults


bakkes planter table

Bakkes Planter Table
I love multitasking furniture:  this clever table, an all-in-one side table and planter, is crafted from high-quality, water-resistant powder-coated steel in black or white.


uplift smart planter stand with integrated light

Uplift Planter
Perfect for spaces without light, this minimalist planter’s integrated adjustable and detachable grow light grows in height along with your plant, or you can move it to another plant that needs a lighting boost. It’s smart app-enabled for customizable programming and pairing recommendations for partial shade, partial sun, and full sun plants or to help manage things remotely. The powder-coated steel planter is watertight and rust-resistant.  Holds a 43” H, 10″ diameter pot. Available in three colors.
$259 at The Sill
smart planter stand with integrated lamp
$259 $199 at Modern Sprout
smart planter stand with integrated lamp



Aquaphoric Countertop Self-Watering Hydroponic Herb Garden Tub Planter
Just place this soilless planter on your windowsill or countertop, and the self-watering pot grows fresh herbs almost by itself with 6 fiber soil pods to help produce strong roots.
$29.99 $24.99



Diamond Ring Bird Feeder
Bring on the bird bling! Made from matte brass with an acrylic glass diamond, this feeder may mark the beginning of a lifelong relationship with your feathered friends. The “diamond” lifts up to fill it with bird seed; the seeds will flow down to the bottom of the ring, where the birds can feast on them. The bird feeder is attached to an adjustable brass chain with drainage holes at the bottom to help dry the bird seed after rain and snow. 9.5 x 11.5 inches.
garden glory diamond ring bird feeder


solo stove bonfire compact fire pit

Compact Modern Fire Pit
Imagine a modernized version of stories around the campfire, enjoying smokeless fires with this fire pit that’s got you covered with a protective base and removable ashes tray.
$464.99 $254.99


Bluetooth Flickering Bonfire Speaker

Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker
This cool portable speaker mimics a fire’s flicker to create a warm ambiance while bringing sound to your space, indoors or out.
Bluetooth Flickering Bonfire Speaker


masterclass gardening course with gangsta gardenr ron finleyPhoto:Masterclass

Gardening Class With “Gangster Gardener”–Grab the limited 2-for-1 deal now!

With this 2-for-1 deal, you can gift some and yourself a garden learning experience in the virtual garden with famed community gardening activist Ron Finley, the “Gangster Gardener.” Finley teaches how growing one’s food cultivates way more than fruits and vegetables. Masterclass’s $180 annual membership provides unlimited access to all classes and new classes as they launch. The subscription also includes access to their mobile and TV apps, high-definition videos, and downloadable class workbooks.


Cheese Plant Monstera Deliciosa in Decorative Planter
Cultivated by high-quality grower Costa Farms, this climbing shrub comes planted in a lightweight white and natural decorative planter. Thrives in rooms with bright light or indirect sunlight can also tolerate low-lit rooms. Grows 2 to 3 feet tall.
Air freshening plant in decorative planter


round tail snake plant in pot

Potted Round Tail Snake Plant
It’s really hard to mess up this low-maintenance plant, which Is why it’s one of my faves. Bringing a modern look to its home, this sculptural plant grows tallest in bright, indirect light (but will happily adjust to other conditions) and only needs water about every other week. Comes potted with plant food.
$55.00 $46.75
round tail snake plant in pot with plant food



Spade-to-Fork Indoor Herb Garden Kit
A complete indoor kitchen herb garden starter kit containing certified 100% USDA organic non-GMO potting soil, peat pots, and 5 herb seed varieties, including basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme.
Spade-to-fork indoor herb garden kit


The Original Tabletop Aquaponic Ecosystem Garden
An all-time favorite with the kiddos, this self-cleaning fish tank aquarium grows lush organic microgreens on top. In the ecosystem, fish waste fertilizes the plants, and the plants clean the water. Fish coupon included. (Kids love this!)
$99.99 $47.60
tabletop aquaponic ecosystem planter


Handmade Succulent Tealight Candles
Sweet set of six handmade candles that won’t need watering.
Soy mini succulent cactus shaped tealight candles

Real Rocks and Glass Tumbler Set
Serve your drinks on the (actual!) rocks with these granite discs gathered from New England beaches. Simply chill the set, then drop two stones in 1 to 2 oz. of fine spirits, let stand for five minutes, and sip. The set of six handcrafted stones comes in a convenient hardwood tray for easy freezing and serving, along with two glass tumblers.
One the rocks set of 6 granite drink chilling stones and two tumblers.


Weiner dog shaped indoor-outdoor bench

Four-Legged Friend Bench
Arf, this whimsical indoor-outdoor bench brings instant smiles every time. Crafted from sturdy and durable rotation-molded polyethylene, this fun piece of furniture can sturdily hold up to two people in the house or garden. 30.5 in W x 21.7 in D x 76.7 in H, available in white or black.

16-Piece Enamelware Dishes Set
This set of sixteen white enamelware dishes with red rims is perfect for entertaining outdoors or for an indoor picnic.
Set of 16 enamelware dishes


brass soil probe

Brass Soil Probe
Designed by professional horticulturists, this brass soil probe gathers soil samples from below the surface to let you know when to water while also aerating the soil to let plant roots breathe.
brass soil probe

Bamboozle Countertop Kitchen Compost Bin
Nice looking enough you’ll want to display it. Made of biodegradable, dishwasher-safe, durable bamboo fiber, this compact countertop compost bin has a
 dishwasher-safe charcoal filter in the lid that keeps the bin odor free. Available in five colors.
bamboozle countertop kitchen compost bin

eramic kitchen compost bin with leaf handle
Chef’n EcoCrock with Leaf Handle
With its leaf handle, this cute ceramic countertop compost bin is both visually appealing and functional. It features a vented lid, removable inner bucket, and a replaceable natural charcoal filter that traps and absorbs odors. Also available in stainless steel.
$45.81 $42.18
bamboozle countertop kitchen compost bin


Vitamix electric FoodCycler kitchen composter

Vitamix FoodCycler
Simply place food scraps into the bucket, press the button, and in a few hours, the FoodCycler breaks down food waste into a tenth of its original volume and creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer you can mix into your soil. The carbon filtration system eliminates odors, making it perfect for indoor use.
$399.95 $349.95
Vitamix Foodcycler electric kitchen compost


minimalist hanging planter

Minimalist Hanging Planter
A simple, vertical hanging planter for indoors or out.

ladbrook soil blockmaker tools

Ladbrooke Soil Block Maker
A simple and efficient solution to seed sowing: the zinc-plated steel Soil Blocker creates individual blocks of soil with indentations for each seed to provide a high rate of germination and easy blooming.


Comfort gardening kit

Gardening Comfort Gift Set
Specifically designed to make gardening more comfortable and accessible, this boxed kit includes one pair of gardening gloves with digging claws, one premium pair of garden floral scissors, and one foldable foam knee pad.
Garden Comfort Gardening Kit

Mondri geometric modern vase
Modern Mondrian-Style Vase
Three vases in one, the Mondri has transparent acrylic neon panels that create a color play that casts beautiful shadows. It’s designed with three different chambers in a mix of clear and blue, yellow, pink, and lavender so that you can turn the vase for different floral arrangements and flower sizes.
Mondri geometric modern vase



Portable Rechargeable LED Lantern
Go for the portable glow. Stylish, lightweight, easy-to-carry lantern with a stainless steel handle that you control with its little remote.
Rechargeable with a micro USB cord.
Portable rechargeable LED lantern


plant propagator trio
Tabletop Hydroponic Plant Propagator Trio

Both decorative and functional, this glass trio of vessels lets you propagate three plants at once and also makes a cool centerpiece.



Marble and Mango Wood Serving/Dipping Tray
Serves up everything in style.
mango wood and marble serving tray


Organic Shaped Set of Brass Trivets
Designed to mirror the organic movement of moving water, this curvy brass trio can be intertwined as one or used as three separate trivets.
$75 $55


Flower Pot Bread-Making and Lavender Butter Kit (Set of Four)
A fun family activity! This set includes four terracotta baking pots plus all the dry ingredients to make the flower pot bread and lavender butter. Ingredients: wheat flour, granulated sugar, coarse salt, yeast, lavender. (Additional items required: butter, parchment paper.)
Flower Pot Bread Making Kit


Scented Cactus and Poppy Terrarium Candles
Miniature lifelike soy wax cactuses and poppies scented with premium fragrance oil in pine and vanilla (cactus) and jasmine and white tea (poppy). Hand-poured in Vancouver, Canada.
scented mini terrarium succulent candles



Plantable Blooming Lollipops
Enjoy eight all-natural botanical flavors like lavender-lemongrass and strawberry-basil, then plant the seed-filled sticks to grow one of the ingredients in the lollipop! A healthy and educational gift for kids too. Handmade in California.
botanical flavored lollypops with plantable seed-filled sticks



Plantable Wildflower Wish Cards
Whimsical and fun–write a wish, dream, goal, or prayer on the card, then plant, water and watch it grow. 12 cards packed with annual and perennial wildflower seeds.
plantable wildflower wish cards

gardening socks for women
Socks for Gardeners

Yep, that’s what they are.


vintage radio planter
Vintage Radio Planter
Whimsical, fun, and retro.
$26.83 $23.54
vintage radio planter


plantable gift wrapping paper

Plantable Gift Wrap
Recipients get to plant this gift wrap instead of tossing it in the trash.
plantable gift wrapping paper


ceramic paper bag vase

White Paper Bag Vase
This fun ceramic vase deceives the eye with a sense of humor.
ceramic crushed paper bag vase


packable rubber rainboots

Packable Rubber Rain Boots
One of those “I wish I’d thought of it” things: Winner of the 2018 Good Design Award, lightweight Pokeboo rain boots have an integrated carabiner-bearing pouch, so they fit easily into a backpack.
lightweight packable rubber rain boots

waterproof insulated picnic blanket in carrying case
Waterproof Insulated Picnic Blanket in Carrying Case
This picnic blanket is durable on the outside, super soft, padded, and insulated on the inside to keep you comfy, dry, and warm. Repels dirt, burrs, and pet hair and comes in a compact zipped carrying case. Choose from four colors.
packable insulated and waterproof blanket


garden of flowers pens in vase

Garden of Flowers Pens in Vase
Just for fun. With five green-stemmed pens, each topped with a faux flower head (two purple, two pink, and one orange flower.)
garden of pens in a vase


metal twigs wall hook

Double Twig Hooks
A nature-inspired double metal hook to hang stuff.
nature-inspired metal twigs hook


flower-shaped salad servers

Flower Salad Servers
Serve up smiles with these garden-inspired salad servers.


crushed mint candle in plantable package

Crushed Mint Candle With Plantable Packaging
Crafted with soybean wax, high-grade oils, and a cotton wick, this hand-poured candle delivers a crisp bouquet of spearmint, peppermint, peach blossom, and cedarwood fragrance. Best of all, it comes in biodegradable, seed-infused packaging that you can plant to grow mint.
crushed mint soy candle with plantable packaging

vegetable patch chinese checkers in pouch
Veggie Patch Chinese Checkers
This fun vegetable patch-themed game is an adaptation of Chinese checkers, a traditional game in which you move your pieces to the opposite star branch. For 2-6 players, includes a game board and 36 vegetables in a cotton storage pouch.
vegetable chinese checkers



Desktop Dog Park  
Attention dog lovers: I couldn’t resist this cute little desktop dog park and mini book–especially the little Dachshund. Comes with five tiny resin dogs of various breeds, a tiny fire hydrant, a felt lawn, and a 32-page mini-book exploring the neighborhood dog hangout. Woof.


Child’s Real Metal Garden Wheelbarrow
Just like the grownups have but sized for kids!



Child’s See-Through Vegetable Garden
This self-watering grow unit has a special viewing window for watching the roots develop. Kids will see carrot, radish, and onion seeds grow up as the roots grow down. The self-watering growing kit has a built-in water basin, drainage reservoir, a light shield that keeps plants growing (but can be removed for viewing roots), 8 super-expanding grow mix wafers, 3 packets of seeds, identification labels, water wicks, and a 16-page booklet with complete instructions and experiments.


we are the gardeners childrens book

We Are the Gardeners (Joanna Gaines)
Joanna and the kids chronicle the adventures of starting their own family garden, from their failed endeavors, obstacles to overcome, and all the knowledge they’ve gained along the way.
We Are the Gardeners Children's Book


Leaf Supply Creating Your Indoor Jungle Book

Creating Your Indoor Jungle (Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan)
A stunning guide to creating the very densest of jungles right in your living room.


The Story of Gardening (Penelope Hobhouse)
Consider this gorgeous cultural history of famous gardens from around the world an heirloom. The book charts the fascinating evolution of gardening over thousands of years, bringing to life the world’s most beautiful and magnificent gardens.
$50.18 $32.13


Bloom_adult_coloring_book_of flowers_gardening_art_gift

Bloom: A Coloring Book (Alli Koch)
Tap into your inner child! With 30+ floral illustrations on premium, high-quality paper with an iridescent foil cover, this coloring book’s pages are perforated and removable so that you can frame your finished artwork.


Private Gardens: Design Secrets to Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces (Kurt Schaus)
Nearly forty phenomenal gardens and outdoor living spaces from around the world are profiled in detail, each beautifully photographed. Well-established designers guide readers with stunning diagrams, sketches, and plans to showcase optimal design strategies and concepts.
Private Gardens, Design Secrets Book



Chihuly at Kew: Reflections On Nature (Dale Chihuly and Tim Richardson)
Famed glass artist Dale Chihuly’s sculptures are grand and delicate, colorful and curious. He revolutionized the Studio Glass movement and is credited as helping to elevate blown glass from craft to fine art form.
Chihuly: Refections on Nature book



Planting the Natural Garden (Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritsen)
Internationally acclaimed garden designer Piet Oudolf ushered in a revolution in landscape design: the New Perennial Movement. The High Line in New York City and the Lurie Gardens in Chicago are among Oudolf’s many famous projects.
Piet_oudolf_planting _the_natural_garden_book_perennial_gardens


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