How To Bring a Dull Dorm Room to Life With Plants

October 12, 2022 by

Updated October 2022

College dorms can be sterile and lacking in personality, but there are fun ways to personalize the space and bring nature indoors. Adding plants and nature-themed objects can bring a dull dorm room to life.


Where There’s a Spot, There’s a Pot

desktop planter with four pots

A potted plant or two will go a long way to turning a boring dorm room into a cool nest. Even in small dorm rooms, there’s always a place for a planter–on top of a dresser or desk, on a wall, or hanging from the ceiling. The desktop planter above doesn’t take up much room while supporting five small pots at once. BUY HERE.


A Study in Multitasking

desktop smartphone charger and flower vase combo

Multi-functional planters are perfect for small spaces. This ceramic smartphone charger is compatible with both Android and iPhones and doubles as a flower vase.
$14.95 BUY HERE.


Be Forgetful, It’s Ok.

mini desktop smart planter with light

For busy or forgetful students, a self-watering container like this miniature one, below, makes maintenance a cinch and fits anywhere.


Defy the Laws of Physics

The levitating planter, below, makes an interesting conversation piece, especially for physics students.
$65.00 BUY HERE.


Biblio-Botanical Bookends

These clever planter pot bookends hold both the books and the botanicals. (Tip: don’t water the plants right next to the books…)
$19.99 BUY HERE


No Dogs Allowed in Dorms?

You won’t be breaking the no-dog rules when you have this planter pup in the room. This adorable dachshund dog planter behaves like a good boy and doesn’t need walking, just watering. Handcrafted in a fair trade environment with sustainable coco coir, he’s ready to add a touch of whimsy and fun to any room. Use with pot and liner cuz he doesn’t like getting too wet. BUY HERE


Hanging in There

wall mounted triple planter stand

This minimalist wall-mounted planter, above, features trays for hanging three pots for your favorite plants. BUY HERE


A Planter With Integrated Shelf 

Over water no more. The top shelf of this planter is perforated to enable a gentle, even flow of water, while the simple drain system below keeps water from collecting around the roots, allowing them to aerate. BUY HERE


A Super Cool Tabletop Mini Greenhouse


This handmade glass mini greenhouse has two parts: the bottom is for the soil and the top has a small spout for watering the plant. BUY HERE


Learning the Ropes 

Hang several of these three-pot vertical rope wall planters with easy-care succulents to create an entire vertical garden wall.



This set of three mini white ceramic and rope succulent planters will hang out with you and your friends.


Go Retro


Go retro with this set of two cotton macrame hanging plant hangers with included pots. BUY HERE

Want to maintain your plants remotely? Check out some of these cool green gadgets.



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