This Modern Aquaponics Furniture Design Mimics the Natural Environment

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self-sustaining home aquaponics system

Mimicking the natural environment, EVA is an aquaponic planter system and light fixture designed as a modern piece of indoor furniture. Although robust enough for use in restaurants, Hong Kong designer Francois Hurtaud designed the planter for novices as it assembles easily with no tools other than a pair of hands.

self-sustaining home aquaponics system

Aquaponics: Hydroponics + Aqualculture
Similar to hydroponics, a soil-less planting method which feeds plants with a nutrient solution in water, aquaponics is a system dating back to the Aztecs in 1,000 A.D that combines hydroponics and aquaculture (raising fish) to mimic the symbiotic ecosystem found in nature.

self-sustaining home aquaponics system

Self-Sustaining System
Within a continuously recirculating system, the fish eat and then produce waste that in turn fertilizes the plants. The water recycles back into the tank and the process continues.

self-sustaining home aquaponics system

Francois Hurtaud self-sustaining home aquaponics system

Winner of the European Product Design Award, EVA consists of an upper and lower garden both of which sit atop a 8.5 gal (32L) fish tank.

self-sustaining home aquaponics system

The garden and the fish tank share a common source of LED light emitted from the structure’s core.

self-sustaining home aquaponics system

Further simulating a natural environment, the soft light switches on at dawn and off at dusk. EVA’s frosted finish combined with extruded facets serve to optimize light diffusion.

Larger Yields, Less Energy
With its low water and energy consumption, aquaponics is gaining popularity among urban farmers as a low maintenance highly sustainable form of agriculture capable of producing more crops per square foot than traditional farming. Sprouting up commercially now in a larger scale, aquaponics can maximize food yield by simultaneously harvesting both fish for a protein source and fresh plant produce.

Aquaponics is also good for the planet. It’s very environment friendly as its completely self-sustaining system requires no pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides so therefore produces no toxic wastes and run-offs from chemicals.

Shopping Tip
There are a variety of home aquaponics systems available, from tiny countertop models like this garden jar herb kit, a see-through tabletop design, larger scale free standing models like the AeroGarden Farm24, to even more robust systems like this sophisticated design handcrafted from renewable pine. 

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