23 Gardening Gifts For Mother’s Day You May Want For Yourself

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For gardeners and non-gardeners alike, here’s my curated collection of 23 gardening gifts for Mother’s Day—including some delicious finds for relaxation.


Mini Ceramic Planters on Bamboo Tray
Whether on a windowsill or tabletop, these small ceramic plant pots of different contemporary patterns are great for succulents, herbs or other small plants. A small hole at the bottom maintains soil drainage and the bamboo tray keeps any water or soil spillage off furniture or windowsill. Plants not included. $19.93 BUY.


Hurricane Candle Lanterns (Set of Three)
Holds various sized candles, tea lights, succulents, fairy lights, and more with an open top for ventilation. Hang or set it on a table. $70.99 BUY.


Indoor Mini Tomato Growing Kit
This complete easy-to-grow kit with basalt terra cotta pot and non-GMO seeds sprouts mini tomatoes in a matter of weeks. $14.99 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_indoor_biomorphic-worm-composter

Biomorphic Design Living Composter
Drop fruit and vegetable peelings, grain foods, and tea bags into a top opening to feed the worms in this odorless sculptural biomorphic worm house compost container. $199. BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_succulent_tealight_candles

Succulent Tealight Candles
Mom will light up when she sees this six-piece set of lifelike cactus-shaped tealights. $9,99 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_patio_swing_bird_feeder

Patio Swing Hanging Bird Feeder (Set of Two)
Stylish birds will be crushing on these vintage-style hanging porch swing bird feeders! $19.99 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_womens_gloves_with_digging_claws

Gardening Gloves With “Claws”
Mom will dig these quirky breathable gardening gloves with “claws” for digging without tools. Made of waterproof high density puncture resistant rubber with a protective coating, the four “claws” on each hand will protect her hands from scratches and broken nails. $9.99 BUY.


urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_self_watering_ceramic_glas_herb_pot

Self-watering Kitchen Herb Pot
Get Mom growing indoors with this high-design, low-maintenance, self-watering ceramic and glass herb planter. $40 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_portable_rechargeable_led_lamp

Portable Cordless Rechargeable Lamp
Go for the glow. Can’t get sleeker or easier than this portable one-touch control sensor lamp. Just tap the touch-sensitive panel once to turn the lamp on and off; lay your finger on the panel to adjust brightness. $31.99 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_wall_mounted_vertical_garden
Wall Mounted Vertical Garden

Great starter garden kit for newbies and seasoned gardeners alike! Save space and forget about weeds with this wall-mounted vertical garden system that includes a fully functional micro irrigation system. $47.83 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_indoor_outdoor_self_watering_pots

Indoor-Outdoor Self-Watering Containers (Set of Three)
I really like the clean lines of these 7-inch self-watering indoor-outdoor planters with 6 quarts of coconut coir growing medium. The water level indicator lets you observe the water level and when it’s below or close to the minimum water level. There’s also a special water injection port for easily adding water. $36.99 BUY.


urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_contemporary_ceramic_bird_nesting_box

Contemporary Sculptural Ceramic Bird Nest
Invite feathered friends into the garden with this easy-to-mount ceramic and plastic frost-proof box. Holes in the bottom allow water to drain out. $78.95 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_seedsheet_planter_kit

“Seedsheet” Herb Kit
LEED accredited architect Cam MacKugler’s Vermont-crafted container garden kit has seed sheets embedded with correctly spaced pods containing high-quality seeds of six easy-to-grow, organic, and non-GMO aromatic herbs that grow well together: basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, green onion, and sorrel. Just add nutrient-rich potting soil (not included) into this lightweight, flexible container, place the seed sheet (which also functions as a weed barrier) onto the soil, water, and put it in a sunny place to grow. Recipes and growing instructions by region included. $35.00 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_succulent_green_roof_birdhouse _planter_kit
Succulent Green Roof  Bird House Planter Kit
Birds and succulents live harmoniously together in this green roof bird house kit. $80 BUY.


urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_mama_bee_soothing_kit_for_new_moms

Mama Bee Soothing Set
Mama Bee Collection of soothing leg and foot cream, smooth belly butter, and Beeswax Lip Balm is the ultimate pampering gift set for expecting or new moms. $23.50 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_aquaphoric_passive_hydroponic_indoor_planter

Aquaponic Self Watering Hydroponic Windowsill Garden
Windowsill passive hydroponic planter for herbs, flowers, vegetables, succulents, and seed starting. Includes 6 quarts of fiber soil. $39.99 BUY.

urban-gardens_mothers-day-gifts-for gardeners_blooming_tea
Blooming Tea
So pretty–the bud-like tea packets slowly “bloom” when steeped! $21 BUY.



Modern Portable Tabletop Grill
Invite friends and family to cook their own with this portable sleek contemporary white fireproof porcelain tabletop grill. $299. BUY.

Soothing Lavender Spa Set
Treat mom to a relaxing routine that will help soothe her into a peaceful slumber with the power of aromatherapy. $50 BUY.


Cooling or Heating Lavender Ballerina Slippers
Removable insoles in these comfy slippers are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. Cool them down in the fridge during the summer and treat your feet to some sweet heat relief.  In wintertime, heat insoles up in the microwave for some relaxing warmth while breathing in the heat-enhanced scent of lavender. $48 BUY.


Smart Antiqued Brass Grow Box
Destined to become an heirloom, easy sophistication marries high-tech in this grow box with eight full-spectrum LED grow lights controlled by a touch-sensitive timer. $150 BUY.


Soft Stones Floor Pillows
I absolutely love these soft stone floor pillows! Designer Gulnara Kydyrmyshova crafts these nature-inspired cushions from locally sourced Kyrgyzstan sheep’s wool. Choose from three sizes: Think small and medium ones for yoga props or in a kid’s room while the larger “rock” can be a floor cushion for meditation or just relaxing by the coffee table. (I once used similar ones in a decorating project where both kids and grownups went nuts for them.) $34-68 BUY.

Sari Wrap Seagrass Shopping Tote Basket
Stylish, simple, hand-woven natural seagrass basket accented with a touch of color from the upcycled sari fabric. The flat bottom keeps it from tipping over. $45 BUY.

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