Create Your Own Smart Garden With These Innovative Tech Gadgets

August 16, 2018 by

The Edyn Sensor.

Interest in gardening is rapidly increasing, especially among environmentally and nutrition-conscious millennials who also want to know where their food comes from.

Patrick Nadeau’s Urban Garden planter bags.

Many of this age group live in apartments with limited space, but even with that challenge, urban gardeners are discovering ways to garden with ease using some of the newest available technologies.

Bitponics smart system.

Gardening has never been more accessible than it is today with the help of these latest tech gadgets and smart gardening tools. Here are a few innovations that make it a cinch to create a smart garden:

Edyn Garden Sensor
Maintaining a suitable climate and ecosystem for plants can be challenging, but the task becomes simpler with new technologies that assist in monitor the garden. The Edyn Garden Sensor helps take the guesswork out of the equation, letting you know exactly what your plants need.

The sensor provides you with specific information about your garden. It automatically measures the moisture, humidity, light, and nutrient levels so you don’t have to. The Edyn can even compare the measured levels with a comprehensive internal plant database identify exactly what you need to do to keep the garden healthy and beautiful.

No need to invest in multiple sensors if you have a lot of plants as the Edyn Garden Sensor is capable of monitoring several plants at once. The device will stream the captured data and send notifications to your smartphone for easy monitoring. This is one garden gadget that is a must-have for those serious about gardening and short on time.

Self-Watering Planters
We are all have busy schedules, so planters with a self-watering feature are welcome time savers for container gardens.

Self-watering planters can keep plants healthy and supply them with enough water for several days and some will even irrigate for a couple of weeks.

Explore the collection of self-watering planters from ePlanters to find the style and size that best fits your needs. If design is a priority, check out the Teraplast Divio and the Essential Planter, both of which can also double as a space divider indoors or out.

The Herbert.

Herbert Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics is a soilless gardening method that lends itself to gardening indoors in small spaces. The Herbert hydroponic gardening system is a self-contained vertical garden that requires minimum maintenance as it is equipped with its own LED light and an automatic watering system.

The Herbert makes growing vegetables and herbs easy as it eliminates the otherwise complex task of setting up your own hydroponic garden. Its vertical orientation lends itself to placing multiple Herbert hydroponic gardening kits on any wall in your property.

Life just got simpler. Interested in more gardening gadgets that can help you automate everything? Stay tuned for more.

This post was published in partnership with Boris Dzhingarov, author and founder of Hometipsor. He is a graduate of UNWE where he majored in marketing. You can connect with Boris on Twitter and Linkedin.


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