Biomimicry: A Wildlife Observation Platform Designed as Bird’s Nest

March 19, 2018 by

Millions of years ago nature perfected many of the design challenges we face today. Many  contemporary designers across many fields use Biomimicry in the development of sustainable design solutions that emulate the patterns and strategies of designs found in nature. Biomimicry is influencing and shaping innovation across many disciplines with concepts like a grow-your-own house, a living, breathing chandelier, a bioclimatic garden, and a reimagined food system.

At the Pape Nature Preserve in Latvia, bird watching enthusiasts can view birds and other wildlife from Glint, a vertical observation platform concept that employs the principles “wildlife architecture” to mimic the ways in which birds build their nests.

Designed so observers can appreciate the natural setting without disturbing it, the structure conceals bird watchers inside nest of woven recyclable lightweight stainless steel strips reinforced by laminated wood and copper.

Glint may not disappear into the surroundings as the designers intended, but it’s a worthy attempt to respect nature rather than disrupt it.

H/T Yanko Design. Images via the designers on Behance.

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