12 Dog Restaurants Where Humans Are Welcome

August 13, 2017 by

Photo via Dog Café Los Angeles

Once in a while a pup could really use a little respite from this dog-eat-dog world.

When a pooch is dog tired after a long day on the run, chillin’ out at Yappy Hour with a bottle of bowser beer or glass of canine ZinfanTail wine could be just the ticket.  I mean think about it–in dog years, when Fido waits all day for for a drink, it’s like you waiting a whole week.

Photo via Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden.

The pet peeve of many dog owners is not being able to dine out with their pups. Good to know that there are some doggie watering holes that welcome humans if accompanied by a dog. Here are some examples…curb your enthusiasm…

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden
It’s totally expected that in dog-friendly Austin, Texas there’d be a people-pet restaurant with an off-leash dog park inside the beer garden. Every month at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden, owners and dogs alike enjoy Mega-Mutt Mondays when there’s a special sausage for bowser.

Photo via Mutts Canine Cantina.

Mutts Canine Cantina
Think canine country club at this Dallas joint where well pedigreed dogs are invited to apply for membership for unlimited access. No worries, a non-member pup can still hang out in the dog-friendly community beer garden if accompanied by their human.

People food isn’t allowed in the one-acre off-leash attended dog park area. Owners can observe from the bench, or leave a dog with confidence as paw patrol and six-foot fences provide security. With lounge areas for pooches, as well as separate spots for both large and small breeds, it’s the spot for dogs to exercise and “socialize.”

Photo via Mutts Canine Cantina.

For party animals, the resident Pawty Planner can help owners host their dog’s birthday or Bark Mitzvah. The Bare Bones package even provides a fire hydrant centerpiece while the Top Dog package offers that plus a special Doggie Dessert–vanilla custard with peanut butter topped with a dog treat. While the dogs cut loose, humans enjoy their own feast from Pawty People Platters. Bonus: $3 drink specials for humans at Yappy Hour from 4-6 pm weekdays.

Photo via Moss Beach Distillery.

Moss Beach Distillery
While human patrons relax by a fire with their dogs on the patio enjoying Pacific coast sunset views at this Moss Beach, California restaurant, they can pamper their pets with the special canine menu featuring pooch plates like mini burger patties and “Good Dog Skirt Steak.”

Hot Dog et Cie
For bi-lingual bitches and their male dogfriends, the canine café Hot Dog et Cie in Québec offers pups and even non-owner humans a place to relish the dog-meets-human experience. Reservations are accepted at the restaurant where people can dine on French fare like Salmon or Steak Tartare, the chef’s selection of cheeses, and of course, their famous saucisse, aka hot dog.

While Fido has a shampoo and cut or a pawdicure in the canine center (felines welcome), her human can lounge to music with a cocktail and socialize with other dog lovers. If already well-groomed, a pooch can leisurely enjoy the indoor dog park as their human works using Hot Dog et Cie’s free wi-fi.

Photo via Hot Dog et Cie.

Dog Park Café
It may be a particular bone of contention between dogs and owners here, but humans need to fend for themselves as The Doggy Menu at this Temecula, California restaurant is exclusively for canines. The take-out only menus–a lunch and dessert menu developed by canine nutritionists (who knew?)–offers people-inspired dishes all made with dog-safe ingredients.

Photo via Dog Park Café.

Pups can dig in to the I Chihuahua Chimichanga, a non-fried chimichanga with chicken, real cheddar cheese, Spanish style brown rice and parsley center wrapped in a cream cheese and egg crust. The cheeseburger with fries is a beef flavored oatmeal cookie disguised as a “burger patty” made with real cheddar cheese sandwiched between two roasted peanut and honey cookies.

Photo via Dog Park Café

For dessert, the Pumpkin Pie looks just like the human kind, made with 100% pure pumpkin high in potassium and beta carotene. I’m sure if you beg, your dog would share some with you.

Photo via Dog Park Café

Asheville, North Carolina has acquired the moniker “dog town” so no surprise that restaurant Posana offers a specially created four-legged menu. Dogs who hang out with their humans on the restaurant’s patio can feast on a farm-to-table menu of grilled chicken breast with grains, Brasstown Doggie Beefloaf, and bacon soy doggie ice cream treats. Lucky dogs never have to pick up the check. Photo Montage via Posana.

Photo via Posana.

Château le Woof
At New York City’s first pet market and café, Château le Woof, humans can sip espresso while their dogs snack on Honest Kitchen’s Icelandic catfish-skin dog treats. And if the pooch isn’t too pooped out after a dog day afternoon, there’s a happy hour for dogs from 7 to 8 pm on select nights.

Photo via Stephen Michael.

Ruff Club
Ruff Club is a members only dog-friendly social club housed in a refurbished century-old tavern space in Manhattan’s East Village. Members can enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee in a dog-friendly environment with Wi-Fi, or drop off their dogs at the Clubhouse for daycare or boarding. Ruff Club owners Alexa, Danny, and Leo say the club’s values are “built on the idea that people can channel the love and humility their dogs provide into new relationships and collective community engagement.”

The club reviews applications on a rolling basis, with priority given to applicants with personal referrals. I think they mean human referrals, though maybe a dog can refer a BFF from the dog park? You can ask, but that might be barking up the wrong tree…

Photo via the Dog Café.

The Dog Café
Los Angeles’s first dog café,  appropriately named The Dog Cafe, serves up more that lattes and tea–it’s a halfway house for rescued dogs where prospective adopters can sip coffee and socialize with friends while playing and snuggling with pups rescued from the local kill shelter. Volunteers rehabilitate and care for dogs they hope to pair up with new owners. A $15 dollar “cuddle charge” will get you furry snuggles and a drink.

Photo via Shake Shack.

Shake Shack
The popular American burger joint, Shake Shack, offers specially developed canine menus including a Pooch-ini, a blend of dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and a vanilla custard, or the Bag O’Bones filled with five ShackBurger dog biscuits baked by Bocce’s Bakery. Photo: Riggsovision, You Tube.

Art & Soul
Dogs in DC can dine al fresco from the restaurant’s pooch patio menu that includes Peanut-Banana Pupsicles and Gravy Train, a plate of homemade beef and rice in savory gravy.

Photo via Art & Soul.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe
Every Tuesday night is Doggie Love Night at this Portland, Oregon canine-loving establishment. Every regularly priced “human” order comes with one free doggie item like chicken mixed with rice or sweet potatoes, or a doggie dessert good enough for humans to sneak a bite.

Photo via Art & Soul.

Goes to show you that every dog has his day…


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  4. Merri Cunningham said:

    This is amazing, we don’t go out for dinner because of our dog really would like to see more of these kind of restaurants. Thank you for those who have opened their doors to canines

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    I wish the locations were listed!

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