11 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Garden

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Photo: Robin Plaskoff Horton

Sometimes in life it’s good to mix things up. As we all like a project we can sink our teeth into, what could be better than revamping your garden? The same old lawn and shrubs can start to look tired after so many years, so that might be a good time to spend some time giving your garden a bit of love. Not only does gardening get you out in the fresh air, but you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Photo: Robin Plaskoff Horton

Here are 11 ideas for breathing new life into your backyard.

1. Plant a Tree
This is an idea for somebody who doesn’t have that much time for gardening, but would still like to see some change. A fully grown tree in your garden would make quite an impact. If you plant a sapling, you’ll just need to spend a bit of time checking and watering it every now and then.

Photo: Robin Plaskoff Horton

2. Grow Vegetables
This idea is both fun and practical. When you designate a corner of your garden as a vegetable patch, it will look good (they’ve got quite a rustic charm) and give you a bountiful supply of fresh, healthy, delicious food. Start small to experiment, then extend the patch if you’re happy with the results. You could ultimately turn the garden into a little farm – a good way to save money!

Photo: Robin Plaskoff Horton

Build a Pond
If you feel your garden lacks a central feature, you might like to install a pond. Ponds make a beautiful centerpiece; you can create a seating area by positioning a few benches around it. Imagine the hours you’ll spend talking into the summer night as a comfortable breeze blows and the pond gently ripples.

4. Install a BBQ Pit
Are you the social type? If so, you might like to get a barbecue pit for your garden. It could really help your plans for an outdoor party come alive. You might think this is the kind of project that would be difficult to implement, but you’ll find that it’s not too tricky once you’ve read a few online guides. You and your friends will enjoy sitting around the BBQ pit and just think of all the priceless memories you’ll make!

Photo: Robin Plaskoff Horton.

5. Get Some Pets
Nothing quite brings a garden alive in the same way as living, breathing creatures. Obviously, what you get depends upon the size of the garden – it’s important to ensure you have enough space.

Photo via guest author.

Who doesn’t like to see a run full of happy and energetic rabbits? Or a coup full of plucky chickens? Guinea pigs also make wonderful pets for children.

6. Get Swinging
Think about the seating arrangements in your garden. Do you have any chairs, or have you thought about replacing them with swings? 

Photo: Robin Plaskoff Horton

Sitting outside is nice, but gently swaying in a swing seat is downright therapeutic.  You’ll find it a perfect way to release stress and a great way to encourage people to spend time outside in the garden.

Photo via guest author.

7. Add Kid’s Toys
Have you got kids? Wouldn’t it be great to give them a place to play outdoors? Why not turn part of your garden into a children’s play area? You could get a swing set, slide, sand pit, and just about anything else your kids might enjoy. It’s also a good way to encourage them to exercise more.

8. Build a Treehouse
Here’s something the whole family can enjoy. Not only is a tree house a wonderful place for children to camp out, but it could also be a nice little nook for anyone looking for some quiet time. Consider building a simple one yourself or hiring a professional to construct one for you. You’ll end up with an additional space in which to hang out.

Photo via guest author.

9. Plant in a Greenhouse
Would you like to work on some botanical projects? Maybe you’d like to grow some tropical flowers? Well then, a greenhouse could be the way to go. It could be nice to show people around it and to show off your prettiest flowers. If you are thinking of building a greenhouse (or at least, a closed-off little area just for the flowers) then consider using clear plastic sheet instead of glass, as it’s much tougher and also much less expensive. It doesn’t need to be all that elaborate; even somebody with a small garden could pull something together.

10. Deck it Out
What’s the weather like where you live? Do you find it can be very muddy, perhaps to the extent that walking in the garden during winter is unpleasant? If so, have you ever thought about decking out your garden with wooden surfaces? Not only does this make it easier to get around, but it can also look pretty good too.

Photo: Scott Leuthold, Creative Commons, Flickr.

11. Build a Fire Feature
Sitting around a roaring fire in the middle of winter can be absolutely fantastic. If you love a good fire, you might want to add a fire feature to your garden. Some are relatively simple to create yourself, so they are a good solution for those with smaller budgets.

Some of these ideas don’t require much of an investment. Whether you want to go all out and do several of these things at once, or just one of them will be enough of a change, you have options. How would you like to change your garden?

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