20 Smart and Stylish Tabletop Gardens

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This curated selection of planters for the desktop, tabletop, or kitchen counter includes some that are so smart they practically take care of themselves. Others I have selected just for their good looks and because they’d make great design focal points for any space.

1. Deluxe Water Garden
This aquaponic planter’s 3-gallon self-cleaning tank features a generous space for growing herbs with optimal water circulation. It’s equipped with a removable top to access the pump for easy clean-up. The fish feed the plants, and the plants in turn clean the water in a symbiotic, low-maintenance relationship that’s sustainable and smart.
$100, available here.



2. Concrete Vessel With Stand
The natural concrete vessel sits on a painted welded steel three-legged stand. Although the design has no drain hole, the concrete absorbs water naturally.Combine two to make the free-standing, circular planter pictured, and use the other half for a different plant or for cooking utensils, pens or other loose objects. For indoor use only.
$86, available here. 



3. Parrot Smart Pot
This app-connected pot contains a smart watering system with four sensors to continuously monitor and learn your plant’s needs. After a few watering cycles, the Parrot Pot understand’s your plants specific requirements and adapts to and optimizes water consumption for its 1/2 gallon water tank, providing up to one month of unattended, automatic watering. It’s got a 2.5 quart soil volume capacity, designed for indoor and outdoor use. and uses 4 AA batteries (included.)
$149, available here. 



4. Self-Watering Eleplanter
I met Brooklyn-based designer Scott Henderson at Ambiente Frankfurt, the international design show where he’d designed the American Pavilion. He’s applied his whimsical design style to the Eleplanter, a stoneware self-irrigating planter that, like an elephant, remembers–to water your plant. Place a standard (325 ml) pot in into this garden pachyderm, then fill the trunk with water for a self-contained system will self-water herbs and other plants for up to two weeks.
$35, available here.


5. Live Succulent Planter in Driftwood Planter
Handcrafted in Oregon, this driftwood planter is filled with all natural succulents and moss, all grown without herbicides or pesticides and harvested by hand. It’s so fresh, it’s made to order and comes directly from the supplier so can only be shipped within the contiguous 48 states. 12″W x 10″L x 5″D.
$74.99, available here.



6. Boxcar Planter
Handmade of rich walnut wood in Portland, Oregon. Looks great planted with your fave succulents or other small plants. Artist Joe Gibson’s trio of small planters can be positioned as you like–on the windowsill, on a table, or bookshelf.
$85 for set of 3, available here.

7. Ambienta Grow Light.
French designer and architect Daniel Pouzet’s hydroponic grow lamp’s switch offers a choice between two LED light settings: ambient light and grow light. Maintain six plants (sold separately) by adding water into the central column.
$230, available here.


8. Air Purifying Planter
NASA has declared that houseplants can improve air quality. I figure if they can get us to the moon, maybe they know something about science. In only 24 hours, the Airy planter can neutralize 75% of the most dangerous environmental toxins in a 172 square-foot room by optimizing how the air circulates through the roots of the plants. And to push the sustainable factor–it doesn’t require electricity or any specialized technology.
$79.99, with free shipping available here.


9. Smartphone Dock and Vase
Not a planter, but a vase. Nonetheless I couldn’t pass up this bedside smartphone vase. Part smartphone dock, part vase, it’s handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of glazed stoneware for holding fresh-cut blooms. There’s an opening at the front of the dock through which you thread your phone’s existing cord when your device needs charging at night.
$32 in green white available here.


10. Compact Smart Planter for Windowsill and Countertop
This compact self-watering small-footprint planter is happy on a windowsill or countertop for growing herbs, orchids and other houseplants. Made of glossy, shatterproof UV-resistant ABS polypropylene plastic. The system wicks water up from the built-in 3 cup reservoir, aerates roots and provides plants with nutrition. The built-in water-level indicator indicates when it’s time to add more water. Holds 1 quart of potting mix. It’s watertight so it’s ok to place it directly on furniture. Easily left out the inside liner to change plants, trim roots and rinse leaves. 12″ L x 4″ W x 5″ H.
$32.95, available here.



11. Self Watering Herb Planter
I love the simple design of this porcelain, glass and plastic self watering herb planter. From the nylon wick in the bottom of the pot, the plant draws the water it needs to remain irrigated and stay fresh.
$59.99, available here.


12. Plant-Powered Clock
Time for a clever modular clock planter that’s powered by plants to generate its own electricity. No winding, batteries or outlet required. Two different metals generate electrical activity while the moist soil serves as a conductor. Begin by placing potting soil and your choice of small plants in the wells, water regularly and the digital clock comes to life to accurately track the time. For best results, select compact plants such as African violets or small tropical plants that thrive in moist soil.
$19.99, available here.


13. Indoor Herb Garden Self-Watering Planter Pot
This carbon steel self-watering potted herb planter minimizes evaporation and it’s hydro-felt pad allows herbs to draw water as desired, requiring 40% less watering. Its pour spout makes it easily to fill the water reservoir which holds approximately 10-ounces of water and can be rinsed clean.  Set includes: 1 top piece, 1 water tray and 4 hydro felt pads (1 year supply.)
$22.45, available here.


14. Geometric Planter Vases (Set of 2)
I’m angling for these planter/vases. The geometric shapes of these white ceramic and brass portable gardens lend themselves to a variety of placement choices–great for those who like to change their minds and their decor. Think desk, dining room table, bookshelf or any surface that could use a bit of contemporary style.
$31.99 for set of two, available here.

15. Concrete Desktop Planter and Organizer
Fill one side of this solid concrete terraced planter with succulents, and the other side with pens and small desk supplies.
$29.95, available here.
£20.00, free UK delivery, available here.


16.Porcelain Self-Watering Planter
I like the slightly soft geometry of this glazed porcelain pot whose matte exterior contrasts nicely with its glossy interior. Includes a cylindrical glossy finish saucer. Hand wash only.
$55, available here.


17. Triangle Modular Pots

Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, this modern set of three concrete geometric triangular planters is a perfect home for succulents.
$72, set of three available here. Also available individually, $28.


18. AeroGarden Sprout LED Planter
The AeroGarden’s soil-free indoor gardening system grows plants five times faster than traditional methods. Its slim profile fits nicely on a kitchen counter, and its energy-efficient LED lighting system offers full-spectrum illumination to make plants thrive. An easy control panel takes over the work for you by turning the lights on and off and it will let you know when to add water and plant food.
$99.95, available here.


19. Multi-Tier Concrete Urban Planter
Create a layered mini garden with this multi-tier natural concrete planter. Its contemporary design blends organic shapes and texture for a piece that works beautifully indoors or out.
$56, available here.


20. Concrete Desktop USB Lamp and Planter

This double-duty LED concrete combo mini planter lamp has a USB charger features a European-style cotton braided cord. It can also plugged into a wall outlet using an adapter.
$99.96, available here.






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