Outdoor Art Installation Doubles as Exercise Equipment at Milan Botanical Garden

July 25, 2016 by


During Milan Design Week, visitors to the city’s Botanical Garden, or Orto Botanico, experienced an art installation that doubles as exercise equipment.


MyEquilibria represents Miami-based Italian “innovation designer” Vito Di Bari’s vision for the “cross-pollination of arts and technology for a better quality of life”–what he describes as the perfect fusion of art and physical exercise.


Bari’s piece mirrors the contours of organic forms of fauna and sea life while simultaneously providing a mechanism for a variety of core strengthening exercises.


Geometry With Muscle
Bari draws inspiration for MyEquilibria from the work of Georgy Voronoi, the Russian mathematician known for Voronoi diagrams, a plane partitioned into regions based on distance to points in a specific subset of the plane.


A major contributor to modern numbers theory, Voronoi’s work has many practical math, science, and art applications. 

voronoi-shelf-marc-newson-urbangardenswebDesigner Marc Newson’s Veronoi Shelf, Gagosian Gallery.


Di Bari describes MyEquilibria as a marriage between natural balance and innovative technology. The ergonomic design transforms user’s workouts into intuition-based experiences. And to provide maximum stability and durability, the designer seamlessly intertwined ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete and steel. 


MyEqualibria Puts the App in Apparatus
Leveraging new technologies like geo-localization and augmented reality, MyEquilibria incorporates digital technologies hidden inside the “wellness trees.” Usable with any smartphone, the smart app provides users with a virtual personal trainer via an Internet platform which also enables social access to a worldwide community via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Friends and family members of all ages can exercise outside together using MyEquilibria’s app which can access over 500 bite-sized videos that demonstrate a myriad of exercises available for people of all ages and fitness levels. And it’s all customizable: speaking the universal language of natural movement, users can continuously create and modify their workouts in countless combinations and then share the experience with MyEquilibria users around the world. 

Kind of makes exercising an art.

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  1. Lari Tanasie said:


    I am working for Luton Borough Council in U.K. .
    I would be really interested in some more detailed information about the costs, the suppliers of the materials. To be honest, as much information as possible would help a lot as we want to try and do something similar here in our Town.
    Many thanks!

    Kindest regards,

    Lari Tanasie

    Business Support Officer
    Luton Borough Council

    — September 25, 2020 @ 04:37

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