Plants Climb Up a Tree Shaped Vertical Garden

May 24, 2016 by

Tree Shaped Vertical Garden

Climbing up an otherwise unremarkable exterior façade in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, a tree-shaped vertical garden makes maximum use of every day, available materials like naturally weathered steel.


A collaborative project between landscape designers Unusual Green and Urbanarbolismo, the tree-shaped vertical garden transforms the view at the end of an unimpressive row of houses.  


The tree’s metal ‘branches’ weather naturally giving the structure its rich deep color.


At the end of each branch, plants such as hops, honeysuckle, and cattail grow in small containers that provide easy access to irrigation and drainage.


To protect the stonework facade, a secondary mesh structure provides space between the metal and the building and offers some nice shadows when the light hits it just right.

See more vertical gardens here.  And check out our Pinterest page for inspiration and ideas.

Photos via Unusual Green and Urbanarbolismo. h/t Materia.

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