Bringing the Outdoors Inside With Epoxy Floors

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3d-printed-epoxy-flooringphoto via LushHome

Highly durable epoxy floors with non-slip finishes are an interesting choice for outdoor areas. They are 100% weatherproof, impervious to dirt, dust, water, and resistant even to alkali, various oils, and most acids.

resin-epoxy-pebbles-flooringPhoto via NatureStone.

A variety of epoxy coatings are specially created to fortify and stabilize outdoor surfaces and can be applied on top of concrete, granite and other stone to create highly resilient non-skid finishes. Epoxy floors are available in a number of interior and exterior finishes offering a wide range of colors, designs, and textures suitable not only for a pool deck or patio, but also for front steps, walkways, and driveways.

naturestone-epoxy-patioPhoto via NatureStone.

Floored by Photorealistic Epoxy Surfaces
There’s no accounting for taste, but for better or for worse, the design possibilities are only limited by your creativity. So if you are adventurous, these photorealistic epoxy 2D and 3D ideas may not be beneath you.


After a multi-step process involving the application of environmentally friendly mortar, primer, a self-leveling material like cement, and a layer of lacquer, either a 2D or 3D digital photo printed image is placed under a translucent polymer layer, then covered with a protective lacquer which creates no caustic fumes or odors.



Virtually any photorealistic image can be applied to solid surface epoxy floors.





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