The Planters of St. Petersburg’s Naturalist Designers

February 26, 2016 by

Maxim Scherbacov pyramid planter

Naturalist designers in St. Petersburg, Russia are creating innovative planters, vases, vessels and other objects for plants. They’ve got planters that hang and climb walls, vases with their own shelves, geometric multi-pot units, and even planters inspired by Sputnik.

1. Vase + Tray, Anya Druzhinin
Vase + Tray is a vase for those who like to keep their options open. The tray adds a unique dimension and is entirely removable, leaving just the metal vase, stylish in its own right. The fresh, crisp color palette is a nod to the sea. I’m thinking seashells on the tray which is the color of sand.

Vase and Tray Combo

Anya Druzhini Fedor Toy Vases

2. Ferma, Alexander Kanygin
Connect the dots with cacti, succulents and other small plants which can all find a homes in this repeating unit of ceramic planters. You can arrange and rearrange them to your (and your plant’s) heart’s content.

connected planter unit Alexander Kanygin

3. Plantholder, Lesha Galkin
Shelve your plants stylishly on this metal, birch plywood, and marble plant stand. I suppose you could place other objects there too, but I vote for plants.

Lesha Galkin plant holder

4. Fitodrom, Catherine Vagurina
For those short on floorspace or who just love littering their walls with green, the Fitodrom stands at attention. The ceramic pots come in various shapes and you can add as many or as little as you like to the wall mounted beams.

Catherine Vagurina Wall Planter

5. Orator, Katya Tolstoy
If you prefer your plants just hanging around, why not put them in a birdcage-like ellipsoid with an old-fashioned copper speaker embellishment? Exactly.

Katya Tolstoy

6. Sputnik-5 Maxim Scherbakov
The soviet spacecraft Sputnik-5 was launched into orbit in 1961 carrying a mannequin named Ivan Ivanovich and a dog named Zvezdochka (“Starlet” or “Little star.”) Maxim Scherbakov’s sleek, geometric table/planter version will only carry plants, but its design reaches new heights with its gorgeous marble.

Maxim Scherbacov pyramid planter

All images from Tutdesign.

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