Tiling the Walls With Floating Planters

January 12, 2016 by

SEED floating planters

Crumpled Tyvek and cast concrete take on organic forms to become wall tile planters in the hands of San Antonio, Texas-based architect/designer, Taeg Nishimoto.

SEED floating planters

Inspired by geological formations observed in satellite images, SEED takes on unpredictable shapes when Nishimoto creates wall tile planters using the crumpled Tyvek as a mold over which he pours a think layer of thick fast drying cast concrete mix.

SEED floating planters

During the process, the planter’s center gets lifted, creating a hole which follows the Tyvek’s crease patterns. Nishimoto then affixes the container part to the back, rendering the front opening as the receptacle for the soil and plant.

SEED vertical garden planters

The result is a concrete planter tile which, affixed to a wall, appears to float just slightly off the surface.

Concrete wall mounted planters

Like other forms found in nature, each tile varies in profile and surface texture, much like river stones do after the long smoothing process resulting from the river’s water flowing over them.

Indoor vertical garden

I love how the different planted tiles can transform a bare wall into a vertical garden of infinite shapes. Where might you hang these in your space?

planters that hang on the wall

Want more tiles? We’ve got other planter tiles, moss wall tiles, birdhouse roof tiles and smog-eating roof tiles, and wall planters galore…

All images from Cargo Collective.



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