Plantscaping With Modular Urban Planters

December 21, 2015 by

Plantscape Modular Urban Planters

Borrowing stylistically from post-Soviet architecture, Russian industrial designer Maxim Scherbakov’s modular Plantscape explores the concept of plants surviving in environments unsuitable for plant life.

Plantscape Modular Urban Planters
Modular Planters
Plantscape Modular Urban Planters

Created with Alexey Galkin, co-designer at their St. Petersburg studio Plan-S23, Plantscape is a nod to the urban landscape where materials like cement and steel structures dominate plant life.

Urban Planters
Plantscape Urban Planters

Scherbakov and Baharev’s limestone and brass modular urban planters simulate these urban conditions that are not inherently conducive to growing things.

Photos: Alexey Galkin. Via Behance, h/t Trendland.

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