The Garden Harvesting and Clearing Bag You Wear

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The perfect gardener’s companion, The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is a hands-free debris and garden harvesting bag you wear so gardening doesn’t wear you out.


Always at your side, it quickly and easily straps to your waist enabling you to carry more than 5 dry gallons, keeping hands free for pruning, deadheading and weeding. It eliminates the need for raking up debris piles: just drop trimmings into the bag and dump when it’s full.

You’ll be able to use both hands when climbing ladders for fruit harvesting and gutter cleaning, and even answering your cell phone–for which there is a small Velcro-closed pocket.


The bag’s ergonomic design keeps the weight on your legs, not your neck, shoulders, or back. The belt will hold your clipper and clipper-holster (not included) and the waist strap adjusts from 30″ to 52″ making it a perfect fit for any gardener in any garden.


When done gardening, just empty the contents into your green can, compost container, or fruit bin using the fabric handle at the bottom of the bag. Its lightweight, compact design lies flat when empty, making it easy to store without taking up valuable space–great for small spaces.

gardeners_hollow_leg_Jr_fruit-4The Junior is the perfect size for the kids!

As one happy user said, “if you love gardening, you’ll love this bag. If you hate gardening, you’ll love this bag!

$24.99 + shipping ($19,99, Junior size perfect for kids) at Gardener’s Hollow Leg.  Find online retailers here. Find Canadian retailers here. 



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