Self-Watering Modular and Magnetic “Connect a Pot” Planters

August 19, 2015 by


For those of us who have downsized to smaller digs where space is at a premium, there’s a new self-watering modular pot system for growing plants, herbs and flowers indoors in compact areas.


Connect a Pot fits well into the urban lifestyle where people who are short on space are often also short on the time needed to care for their plants.



The small, triangular pots connect to each other via strong earth magnets, which also facilitate their attachment to a wall, refrigerator, and even inside your shower.


Create “skyplanters” by suspending the pots from the ceiling with a chain.


By placing one of the magnets on the other side of the glass, you can attach the pots directly on a window–giving new meaning to the concept of window box.


Connect a Pot is not hydroponic–it requires soil and water. The pots come with a perlite layer which is sandwiched between the soil and water and doubles as plant growth media and insulation, as well as a microfilter to remove some of the unwanted particles from the water. 


The designers say that depending on the type of plant, watering every 1-3 weeks should be sufficient.

An extension of husband and wife design team Kirk and Tina Dyer’s passion for organic food and cooking, Connect a Pot is the couple’s first product for their newly launched company Desima, with which they hope to bring micro-planting to everyone around the world.   

Head over to their to Kickstarter page to learn more and reserve your pots through contribution to their campaign.

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