Guerrilla Gardener’s Covert Gardening Devices

August 15, 2015 by


Vanessa Harden channels her inner James Bond for the collection of covert gardening devices she’s designed for her subversive guerrilla gardening exploits. Together with like-minded cohorts, she secretly plants flowers, shrubs, and vegetables in her neighborhood’s neglected spaces.


For her project, The Subversive Gardener, Harden modifies ordinary objects and apparel into guerrilla gardening tools. She then goes undercover to garden with a series of disguised items masquerading as garden implements–a briefcase, designer handbag, camera and shoe–with which she inconspicuously digs and deposits plants.


Using a camera she reengineered for her sowing expeditions, Holden appears as an ordinary photographer snapping a picture, but instead of a photo, she shoots seeds out onto a piece of disused land.




Holden’s taking steps to sow seeds illegally (often at night) without anyone knowing. A pair of shoes reminiscent of Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone is fitted with a mechanism that with each step plants seeds.



As Harden walks nonchalantly onto an empty lot, she places her “spy” briefcase on the ground for a second.




A drill emerges from from the bottom of the bag, digs a hole, then deposits a potted plant into the ground. Mission accomplished.

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Photos via The Subversive Gardener. Video via Motherboard.

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