Five Designs That Put the Fun in Functional

July 23, 2015 by

With designs that put the fun in functional, some designers are creating works which elicit both an aha and a haha. Here are five pieces with a sense of humor:

Killing Time Clock

1. Killing Time
I met designer Weng Xinyu at Ambiente Frankfurt 2015 where he was exhibiting Kill Time, a clock that, in his words, “attempts to kill itself.” When nobody is present, a saw slowly cuts through the clock, but whenever someone approaches, a sensor detects their presence and stops the clock.  The blade sinks deeper and deeper, encouraging people to contemplate the passage of time. What happens to the clock when the blade cuts completely through? Only time will tell. Read more about this calculated killer here.

mobile cabinent from Soon Saloon

2. A Cabinet To Move You
Mobile Cabinet is just what its name describes: a cabinet that moves. But does it remind you of anything? If you said wheelbarrow, you are tapping into the essence of the design. Inspired by a traditional wheelbarrow, Yksi (for Soonsalon) collaborated with wheelbarrow manufacturer Matador from Helvoirt to create this rolling piece of furniture. Use it indoors or out as your super cool media cabinet, display shelf, bookcase, or whatever else moves you.  See colors and configuration possibilities, and meet the Mobile Cabinet’s sibling, Trolly Cabinet.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.22.17 PMThe Sliding Stool Pre-Slide

Sliding stool The Sliding Stool Post Slide

3. Bum-Friendly Stool Works Double Duty
Layers of folded foam make these stools easy on the behind and they aren’t so hard on the eyes either. The sliding stool is a collaboration between Frank Willems and Marvin Corneille. The fun starts when you slide the seat and the hidden table appears. See all the colors these plush stools come in.

yoy_book_planter-closed-cover yoy_book_planter_open

4. A Novel Idea: Undercover Planter Goes Incognito
The Life of Plants is proof that you can’t tell a book by its cover. Flip it open to reveal the soil from which sprouts a living, breathing, narrative. Designer Yasuko Furukawa’s planter/flower pot thrives incognito, at home among the other books in your library. Read this book’s story here.


5. Point, Set, Match, Love: This Green Furniture Scores
Designer Hugh Hayden Design said, “When I learned of the short lifespan of a tennis ball, I instantly knew its destiny.” Hayden assembled Penn and Wilson tennis balls recycled from indoor tennis courts within the New York City Metropolitan Area to create this sustainable furniture collection. Discarded in like-new condition, the tennis balls net out as the ultimate green design material, both reclaimed and repurposed. Read here to learn more about this FUNature designer and his bouncing tables and chairs.

Photos via the designers.

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