Plantus Please: Modular Indoor Vertical Gardens

July 17, 2015 by


Budapest-based designer Judit Zita Boros designed Plantus Planters, a system of modular indoor vertical gardens, with indoor urban gardeners in mind.


Planted Walls and Living Curtains

These modular indoor vertical gardens are double-duty systems which not only offers the opportunity to grow food indoors, but with these framed vertical gardens, gardeners can also grow their own space dividers or privacy screens, creating planted walls and living curtains.

Modular Design

Handmade in Budapest, the modular design lends itself well to small space living as the lightweight planters are easily moved around, indoors or out. Take them for a stroll outdoors to catch a little sun, then bring them back inside to pick some fresh herbs or vegetables for your next meal.


Multiple Configurations

The containers are removable from their painted aluminum shelves making maintenance and planting simple.


Assemble the pots into three different sized pine frames to create an infinite configuration of green vertical units and maybe cultivate different plants in each one.

Learn more and get your very own Plantus here.

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