Aeris and Altrove: Planter and Air Purifier

June 29, 2015 by


Milan design studio Lab Fabrici describes their work as a synergistic mix of science, nature, and design. With their Aeris + Altrove planter and air purification duo, they got that right.


Aeris boosts the air purifying properties of the ordinary houseplant by forcing air with a fan through a substrate of expanded clay and activated carbon which increases air flow around the plant.




As part of the photosynthesis, plants absorb airborne gases through the pores on the surface of their leaves, thereby leaving the surrounding air cleaner. Aeris just gives nature a little nudge.

But you have to keep the houseplants alive so they can do their job. With busy schedules, sometimes we need a little help. Altrove is your plant care assistant, there when you aren’t to take care of the plants.


Altrove_1Altrove_4 Altrove_3

Altrove incorporates a hidden drip irrigation system which you fill via a small oblique opening at the top. It’s working on the inside to keep soil moist, but on the outside all you see is a pleasing organic form with a little belt around it for support.


Altrove does the watering while Aeris does the aerating, together protecting your houseplants from neglect while absorbing some of those nasty pollutants from your living space. That’s a nice eco-chic collaboration between science, nature, and design.

Photos via Lab Fabrici.

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