Artist’s Luxury Digs For Fish and Birds

June 25, 2015 by


There are more practical and less costly designs for fish tanks and bird cages, but these luxury digs offer the fish a bird’s-eye view of the world outside, and their bird neighbors a view through the fish-eye lens of the glass aquarium.

Plus the tower makes a nice design focal point for us humans to enjoy from the outside.


Drawing inspiration from French singer Juliette Greco’s song, Un Petit Poisson, Un Petit Oiseau, Constance Guisset created the limited edition Duplex, a combination fish tank and birdcage in which the fish and birds, she says, “can look each other in the eyes.” When they do so, are they waxing aquatic to each other about love or maybe exasperation at being incarcerated? 



Sitting atop a “first floor” lacquered steel wire birdcage, the upper level hand-blown glass aquarium is removable for maintenance and transport. 


Duplex isn’t for any old fish and bird: it is a signed and numbered art piece produced in a limited edition of eight.


Think Damien Hirst except the fish and birds aren’t dead and preserved in formaldehyde, they are very much alive, swimming and chirping. Duplex can be yours for 10,000 euros–that’s a lot less than a Hirst.

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