Frédéric Malphettes Trellis Vertical Garden

April 10, 2015 by


One of my favorite French designers, Frédéric Malphettes, reaches new heights with Anno, his latest vertical garden trellis structure, a welcome addition to his family of modular vertical garden designs.



Anno is playful from the start: the name is a jeu de mot (play on words) referring to the French word anneaux which means rings. Anno’s design incorporates a series of angular rings strung together like a hanging chain, reminding me of a rain chain.



Plants and vines climb the modular freestanding garden trellis which Malphettes designed with the urban terrace or balcony in mind. Anno-1-freestanding-with-frame

The climbers rise from pots placed on the freestanding Anno’s fixed metal base, from which they creep up via rings suspended from an overhead wooden arch. Another version, Anno 2, uses the same principle but is designed to be fixed to a wall.


Replace the bearing by a the hook (which Malphettes says symbolized a tree branch), then you can set it to the height of your choice and hang chains of varying sizes.


The version of the design offers the advantage of creating a vertical garden of various sizes–a small wall garden or a really tall free-standing one. Either way, with Anno, there’s room to grow.

Photos courtesy of the designer.

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