Nesting Inside an Indoor-Outdoor Luxury Cocoon

January 28, 2015 by

Cocooning Purple

One way to tolerate winter is to view it as a type of cocoon from which we emerge in the spring more beautiful and full of life. Another approach would be to hide under blankets in flannel pajamas until you find yourself poolside in a luxury cocoon, knowing only then that you’ve survived.

Meet CocoOne, your dream come true. A self-described first class cocooning lounge,CocoOne is designed for both indoor and outdoor relaxation. This is lounge furniture like you’ve never seen.

Cocooning Open Front View

Besides the beautiful design and array of atmospheric lighting choices, CocoOne is smart and functional. To start with, the lounge itself has two flexible swing doors that open at any angle to counteract the rotating glare of the sun, and to also create the level of privacy desired by those cocooning. CocoOne conveniently and comfortably accommodates two.

coconing Interior

Perhaps you prefer lounging into the evening when the sun fades and the temperature drops. CocoOne welcomes you with a deep heat radiator, warm enough for you to leave the top open and gaze up at the stars.

Cocooning 2

Using your smart phone or iPad, you can sit comfortably within and control your cocoon–along with other functions such as the music system, adjustable base, and the adjustable LED colored lighting.

Cocooning Green

These entrancing lights are not just for show. Different colors affect the body in different ways–some relaxing, some healing, some invigorating. With CocoOne, you can treat yourself to the same kind of chromotherapy offered at many upscale spas.

Cocooning Interior Side

The chromotherapy experience is yours to customize. A wireless hi-fi speaker system enables you to pipe in music to complement your lighting. So maybe you select blue light while listening to meditative drumming, or bask in yellow light while playing pulsing dance music, or drink scotch and blast Sinatra under a purple glow.

Cocooning Cover

If it’s bugs that pester you while enjoying the outdoors, you can deploy a mosquito net. And when not inside, you can cover your cocoon with a protective sleeve to protect it from the elements.

Cocooning Portable

Luckily CocoOne is also portable, because I’m going to dream about taking one with me and, as soon as spring hits, enjoying it in all its forms. Till then, I’ll be under the blankets.

Read more about the creators of CocoOne on Delfin Wellness.

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