Five Tabletop Edible Gardens to Make You Swoon

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Brown thumbs beware, you may be in for an identity crisis. Growing indoor gardens has never been easier.

With the advancements in the technology and design for hydroponic and aquaponic gardening systems, we can take our pick of edible plant growing apparatuses. Then we can pick the produce that will grow on our very own tables.

Still think you will kill anything and everything you try to grow? Well that may be true, but these five systems for tabletop edible gardens are going to give you a run for your money.

1. Root


Root is new, hydroponic, and very impressive. Even if you don’t know your spade from your trowel, Root makes it simple to grow up to sixteen vegetables, herbs and flowers. It has an automated light and a watering system, simplyfing maintenance and therefore the chances your plants will thrive. You can even control it with an app so you can dim the growing lights each night at bedtime. Non-gardeners, listen to this: That same app will let you know when ROOT is running low on water. Sounds like Root might be your new best friend. Learn more about Root and its creators Ohneka Farms here.

 2. HERBIE Indoor Garden


HERBIE, by Tregren, promises a plentiful harvest with only fifteen minutes of caretaking per month. I definitely spend more than fifteen minutes per month heading to a market for fresh herbs and produce. One very attractivething about HERBIE, vibrant colors aside, is that it is designed to be used with herb pots that you can buy at at regular neighborhood stores or your local nursery. The picture shows only herbs but HERBIE is in fact designed for a wide variety of plants, from flowers to veggies, and you can grow six at a time. I love the modern design. See more colors and explore other versions of HERBIE here.

 3. AeroGardens


With salad greens, chili peppers, herbs, and cherry tomatoes this easy to grow, our excuse bank is officially drained. AeroGardens can provide you with your very own private produce section and asks very little of you in return. It’s programmed to adjust the lighting, water and nutrients, and is kind enough to alert you when you need to add more (or less) of anything. Let AeroGardens tempt you with a lifestyle change here.

4. Prepara Power Plant Pro


The Prepara Power Plant Professional by Homegrown Hydroponics, only requires that you place the seeds of your choice into each of the six grow pods. From there, Prepara takes over by automatically dispensing water mixed with super-oxygenated nutrients, and rotating your pods to insure equal sunlight for all. You can easily grow herbs, veggies, fruits and flowers that, if all goes well, will sprout within a short four to five days. Plus, it’s hydroponic which means no dirt. You can put the Dustbuster back in the pantry for once. Purchase a Power Plant here.

5. Hydropod


If you have an eye for design, that eye should be wide open when looking at the Hydropod. Small spaces will welcome with open arms this contemporary and handsome tabletop hydroponic planter. In the prototypes, a concealed water pump pushes water from a reservoir in the base to the top portion of the planter where it flows along the bottom of the cups containing rocks and the plants. The water is then recycled from one end of the base to the other, then back to the reservoir and so on. And once we stop being enamored with its looks, we can start thinking about how great it will be to have fresh produce all the time. Continue admiring the Hydropod here.

Fresh food and good health awaits. Dig in.


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