Getting Into the Sling of It

December 15, 2014 by

contemporary-hammocksInfinity by Trinity Hammocks

I think it’s time for a nap. After gazing at the following gang of glorious hammocks, I’m already dreaming. I can’t resist the allure of lounging somewhere that envelops my shape and suspends me in midair. Imagine yourself relaxing in one of these ten stylized variations of this age-old icon of ultimate relaxation. Ok, you’re getting sleepy…very sleepy…

1. To Infinity and Beyond: Three-in-One Hammock
Pictured above in an idyllic field is an even more idyllic place to relax. I must admit that, at first glance, the Infinity hammock by Trinity Hammocks makes me imagine an elaborate circus performance. But that image is soon erased when I look more closely at its sleek and unique design. What you can’t see is a suspended teak table hanging between the three slings. Three hammocks in one will prevent hammock envy among loved ones and guests.

PLywood HammockWooden Hammock by Adam Cornish Design 

2. Knock on Wood
Don’t get creeped out, but this hammock (above) has vertebrae. And that’s a good thing because, made from a single sheet of plantation-grown plywood, the rubber vertebra enables the wooden segments to move, mimicking the human spine. This movement makes the potentially hard wooden surface comfortable. Aside from all that, this is a damn good-looking hammock.

Bamboo HammockBamboo hammock designed by IBUKU

3. Welcome to the Jungle
IBUKU creates luxury bamboo structures, many of which are found in Green Village (a community of private homes) in Bali. This home has beautiful flooring and a simple yet elegant hammock that blends beautifully into the space. Its small table in front is calling out for a cool beverage.

mua-10Mua by Victor Aleman

4. The Perfect Place to Kiss
Mua (get it?) is a swing “where love just happens, where lovers lie face to face, the best position for a long and romantic kiss,” writes designer Vitor Aleman. Mua is also completely gorgeous and other-worldly. A sunset shared here may even cause you to fall in love with someone totally wrong for you. Or perhaps, instead, someone totally right.

Erik NYBERG and Gustav STRÖMWave by Erik NYBERG and Gustav STRÖM

5. Riding the Wave to Destination Bliss
If I have to explain what an incredibly beautiful blend of sculptural and furniture design Wave is, then I give up. Take some time with this one, there is a lot to dream about.

VesselVessel by Splinter Works

6. Hammock-Lux
Hammock, tub, or both? Don’t ask any questions; it’s all figured out–the bath is filled using a standing floor tap, and wastewater is released through the base into a floor drain. You’re free to soak in your imagination of a hammock-shaped bath, one made from carbon fiber–strong and capable of complex curves. The fabric’s weave references the cloth of a typical hammock. Guess what else–it’s made for two.

Leaf GAEAformsLeaf by GAEAforms

7. Hammock-Tech
Leaf’s designers consider this to be a daybed rather than a hammock. It is wide and doesn’t swallow you like traditional hammocks want to do, forever poised for a comfortable daytime snooze. Leaf comes in hues like green, passion red, navy blue, bitter chocolate, night black, ocean turquoise, Bosco maroon, and sand beige. Which do you prefer?

sukha-amsterdam_005From Sukha, Amsterdam

8. Hanging Dreamscape
Sukha Amsterdam is as much a store as it is an art installation. While this hammock may be made of simple, beige canvas, it is embellished to create a dreamy lounge bubble. Paper stars and flags, hanging wood, and a chunky blanket make all the difference–I’m taking notes.

hammock orange modernOutdoor room designed by Kenjo

9. Swinging at the Peak of Modernity
Never mind that this outdoor room has a movable roof and is impeccably designed to the standards of even the most staunch modern design militant. It’s the freestanding orange hammock that we really care about. At least for today.

kitty hammock

10. The Master Nappers
Don’t forget about the ultimate masters of napping, your feline friends. They are the very genesis of the term “cat nap.” It’s only natural (literally) that they’d love a small, hidden hammock to sleep in 18 hours a day. Beware–their zzz’s are contagious.

If you’ve made it this far without dozing off, you have permission to do so now. Be sure to find yourself a hammock to sway in, at least in your dreams.


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    Now THIS is for the lazy gardener!

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  2. Robin Horton said:

    Yes Catherine, indeed!

    — December 16, 2014 @ 17:39

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