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mesa09Basics #1

Having recently downsized from a 3800 sq. foot house to a 680 sq. foot apartment, I am now the poster girl for small space living. As I optimize every square inch in my new place, double or even triple-duty designs are becoming my best friends.

No surprise that I find myself lusting after Spanish designer Javier Pena Ibanez’s appropriately named plant-loving furniture collection, Basics. Using really simple materials—perforated pine board, rope, rope probes and test tubes–Ibanez builds minimalist pieces which assemble and disassemble easily while also multitasking for space-challenged footprints like mine. Basics are just the kind of simple chic that urban garden lovers love. And the test tube vases—well, they speak for themselves.

Basics-cienmilcuartos (6)Basics en Revista Rose

While checking out the many shapes Basics take, we thought you might enjoy hearing from the designer himself. So, we interviewed him.

10169304_630263973708780_7588382259880354581_nBasics #3

Urban Gardens: What do you see as the biggest benefits to having furniture that is easy to assemble, disassemble and move around?

Javier Pena Ibanez: The main benefits are that it´s a perfect furniture to use in fairs, ephemeral installations and similar events. The assembly and disassembly is fast and easy, which is the best quality for these particular types of architectural needs.

1498802_576375899097588_543165885_oBasics #1 and Basics #2

Urban Gardens: Before settling on this final design, did you have other versions of this table that didn’t quite make the cut? If yes, why?

Javier Pena Ibanez: Well not at all. In my creative process I always work with many sketches and drawings so the final design is the result of all that work.


Urban Gardens: What about your life (past and/or present) do you think inspired you to create Basics?

Javier Pena Ibanez: Basics is the consequence of my previous project, Ciudad Doméstica. I needed to get back to work with my hands, with natural materials like pine wood without treatment, rope or glass.

1497749_575977542470757_104259504_nJavier Pena Ibanez, Basics #1 and Basics #2

Urban Gardens: Do you have one of your own pieces where you live?

Javier Pena Ibanez: Yes, of course! I love living with my designs around, finished or unfinished. They are like my little children. Now I have a Basics #3 120 model, and a Basics #1 as a table.

basics-asierrua (3)Basics en Libros Mutantes

Urban Gardens: As you can imagine, we love the plant idea so much. Do you have a lot of plants where you live, and do you garden?

Javier Pena Ibanez: Yes, I have plants because their color gives me energy. You can take a look in my instagram gallery to check it out! @jpenaibanez

Basics-cienmilcuartos (1)Basics en Revista Rose

Visit Javier’s website to learn more about Basics.

Take a peek at Basics Furniture on Facebook.




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