The Quad Bar: Flexible Furniture For Small Space Entertaining

May 29, 2014 by

Quad Micro Bar

For those who love to entertain but don’t have the luxury of a grand ballroom to host guests, the Quad Micro Bar by Joe Warren may be the ideal stylish, small space solution. From standing bar table to party-of-four, the unit folds in or out to suit your needs.


It can be difficult in small spaces to host more than yourself, and just maybe, your cat. A table with ample seating can swallow the entire room. That’s what makes the Quad Micro Bar (QMB) so fantastic. It can sit neatly in the corner with a vase full of flowers on a regular day, and stretch out when the guests arrive.

Quad Micro Bar

A champion in flexibility, the QMB can seat two or four. Regardless of the shape you’ve given it on any particular day or night, it remains a beautiful piece of furniture. So beautiful and smart, that QMB was selected as the Winner of the 2013 Core77 Design Award in the DIY category.


I agree, it would work well indoors or outdoors, or both really if you are up for it. The unit weighs 52lbs. It is also UV safe and sealed with conversion varnish. QMB is strong too, and will just as easily support your 250lb friends as it will your children.


The plywood used comes from wood harvested in Oregon and Washington. Finishing and assembly are done in the Northwest. This darling piece is 100% American.


Have you figured out where to place yours yet? I am thinking in the corner of a terrace, with a creative light fixture on top, until of course I am entertaining. Then it will come out in full bloom to host good conversation and garden fresh cocktails.


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