From Street Soccer Balls to Seating: Fábrica Preview From Wanted Design

April 29, 2014 by


What is this impossibly interesting object? It is the Street Football Seat Ball designed by Guatemala’s FÁBRICA, made from repurposed soccer balls. Of course it looks extremely cool– but I promise you, the aesthetics are only the beginning of what’s so cool about it.


Architects Ana González and Hubert Schoba started the multidisciplinary design studio that is responsible for this vibrant structure of repose. Their studio is called FÁBRICA, and it is housed in an actual house from 1916, in center of Guatemala City.


Being central to the rapidly changing city is exactly where FÁBRICA wants to be.  They strive to do many things, and one of them is to capture the urban intensity and freeze it into design.


FÁBRICA doesn’t capture the city passively. They do so with the motive of discovery. They see the city as an opportunity to find and use not only a massive amount of materials—but a massive amount of ideas and situations as well.


What makes them different, other than their completely fresh designs, is that they are in search of the Guatemalan contemporary identity. As such, they use new technology mixed with old-world craft traditions—creation that requires a diversity of ethnic groups to work together, sharing their craftsmanship.


Their love of diversity is also found in their choice of materials. Pieces are created from horse reigns, jute sacks become upholstery, tire tubes are reimagined as leather (see the chair below), marbles go to work as ball bearing systems and in this case—soccer balls become shockingly beautiful seats.


If this Street Football Seat Ball says anything about Guatemala’s present-day spirit—it says Guatemala is a place that artists, designers, craftsmen and spirited urbanites should keep an eye on.


I am so excited that FÁBRICA will be exhibiting at WANTED DESIGN’S International Design Event in NYC May 16th to 19th. I can’t wait to see these amazing seats in person, and hope to meet the creators as well.

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